With a population of 3.19 million, Orange County is a booming metropolitan area. In the last decade, this area has seen significant economic and population growth, making it a top contender for businesses. The population size increased by 5.62% since 2010, and there are no signs of this leveling off or decreasing. With the sixth-highest population in the United States, Orange County is a hub of activity as well as an economic force in California.

LA County and Orange County were the top two counties in the state with the most significant increase in economic growth. With a GDP growth spurt of $26.1 billion in the last four years, Orange County was the leader nationwide in gross domestic product. It’s no wonder that businesses are investing in this area.

Businesses expanded by 5%, and the investment index was 61.5 in 2018. Just last year, the LA-Orange County again ranked tops for economic growth in the country. The overall area was humming, with a 4.5% annual rate of growth.

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The top five industries in Orange County are as follows:

  • Manufacturing — 197k employed
  • Healthcare — 170k employed
  • Retail — 167k employed
  • Professional, scientific and technical services — 136k employed
  • Hospitality — 125k employed

The median household income in Orange County is $86,217, while the median price of a home listed is $799,000.

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