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Subway Advertising

Subway ads are an excellent way to reach a huge audience of commuters on a daily basis. From car cards to station posters and everything in between, advertisements are guaranteed to reach the right people and drive up ROI.

Subway advertising has been a powerful tool for advertisers since its inception in the U.S., providing an opportunity to build brands in real life. Today’s top startups are taking advantage of this daily frequency by running campaigns that last all day long on trains across major metro areas such as New York City where people spend over 40 minutes each morning commuting from one place to another.

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    Dominant and dynamic Subway advertising offers brands an opportunity for large scale activation on either a handful of platforms or interior subway card advertising on specific rail lines. Domination plans are available for subway wide placements greater than 2000 card faces.

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    • Traditional and Digital
    Number of lines 36 lines     28 services (1 planned)
    Number of stations 472 (MTA total count)
    Daily ridership  5,580,845 (weekdays, 2017)
    3,156,673 (Saturdays, 2017)
    2,525,481 (Sundays, 2017)
    Annual ridership  1,727,366,607 (2017)


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