ClickCease FAQ – Digital Outdoor Advertising – New York, Los Angeles & All Major Domestic Markets


We address the most common questions we receive from those interested in Outdoor Advertising.

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Outdoor campaigns are measured in a variety of different ways…

1. Combining your outdoor campaign with a digital marketing strategy will develop data that demonstrates campaign effectiveness.

2. If your campaign includes a call-to-action, a demonstrated lift in your key performance indicators (KPIs) will be evident if your campaign is a success. Example of KPIs that you could track include an increase in the # of calls, website traffic or walk-ins received during your campaign.

3. Proof of posting and an estimated impression share (determined in our campaign planning process) ensure the intended reach of your campaign.

We are happy to provide designs, design guidance or we can work with your existing design or PR agency. It takes a partnership to succeed!

Depending on how many units are required for your campaign, we will recommend a percentage of “overage” to print in the event of weather damage or graffiti, for example.

The overage is typically 20%-30% above the # of posters, etc. required for your campaign. This percentage will be greater for smaller campaigns.

Every campaign requires several components…

Reporting + Analysis

Each of our clients receives a granular reporting that details postings (often w/ images) as well as analysis and notes upon campaign completion.

Selling campaigns in 4-week increments allows for a 13th period every 12 months. This provides a buffer for downtime / vacancy of ad positions. If running an annual campaign this may benefit your package pricing.

While there can be exceptions to the guidelines, it is always recommended to have at least a six (6) week lead time in order for your campaign to be posted on time.

Outdoor Media Buyers will handle the printing and production of your campaign artwork and deliver it to the relevant vendors for posting.

The media vendors have installation crews that handle all aspects of the physical campaign once posted. In case of damage, each client must print a recommended overage of units that are stored in the warehouse of the media vendor in the event of graffiti weather damage, for example.

While the question may be an obvious one, in the out-of-home world, bonuses are granted depending on a number of different factors including (but not limited to) the following:

Campaign size
Campaign length
Timing of campaign
Coverage vs. “Cherry Picking”
Seasonal demand spikes

The shortest length of campaign that you can run will vary greatly based on the medium chosen.
Digital outdoor advertising campaigns can be compressed into whatever timeline is necessary while traditional outdoor media requires longer. Outdoor media has been sold in 4-week periods for 100+ years but this is evolving quickly as traditional media locations are being converted to digital in all major markets.

Don’t forget about production costs, which make shorter traditional outdoor campaigns much more expensive. If you amortize production costs over a longer campaign, it stings a bit less.

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