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Mobile Truck Advertising

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Are you having difficulty getting media activation in a particular target area?

Unlike static media placements (including fixed location digital advertising), you can place your mobile billboard essentially where you want it, when you want it and using any of our many creative options.

Do you need your mobile billboard to get a flat tire on a certain bridge overpass? We obviously can not promise that but we can promise creative options!

Mobile truck advertisements are cost effective options that are engaging, in your face, and target a captive audience. This advertising medium is great for any company or organization who would like to promote their products and services to the public with high quality ads and see a notable ROI.

Need a street team to engage with passersby? Would you like to build a pop-up store in a box truck to place at holiday events or triathlons? Do you want to offer a virtual reality experience both in the truck and externally? Do you need a static mobile billboard that extends as long as 40 feet? What else would make sense for your brand? Speak with our CMO about creative options for mobile billboards and most other outdoor media types.

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