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Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising is the perfect opportunity to catch your customers with their credit cards in hand. Consumers head to the mall ready to spend money and with an eye-catching ad, your business will be the next on the list.

Research shows that 80% of shoppers say that mall advertising is likely to remind them about products or services they might buy either while in the mall or at a later date. Almost 190 million adults that visit a shopping center every month, which is 94% of the population. Many consumers even visit their favorite mall multiple times per quarter, meaning a lot of exposure for your brand!

Mall advertising is highly targeted to consumers with high dwell time. Plus, with consumers directly at your fingertips, there are many opportunities for eye-catching ads to highlight your brand image.

Available in both digital and traditional, mall advertising gives you the opportunity to get creative with your campaign. You can use posters or banners as a simpler form of mall advertising. Poster ads in prime locations can easily catch the eyes of consumers as they come in and out of stores. You can even put your posters on escalators, elevators, and frequently accessed doors to really make a statement.

If you want consumers to go directly to your store or brand, WiFi advertising and directional footsteps are a great option. WiFi advertising in malls allows you to send out alerts with special offers when they connect to the public WiFi. Footsteps and directional signage can be used to create a pathway and physically guide consumers to your sale or promotion.

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