ClickCease Self Service Digital Outdoor Media (DSP)

Self Service Digital Outdoor Media (DSP)

DOOH 360
  1. Plans and execute a DOOH campaign programmatically, focusing on the time, context and location to reach your target audience.
  2. Track spend and impressions details in a live dashboard including more than 85,000 DOOH screens throughout the USA.
  3. Shows real time proof-of-play information, including the exact time your ad is played on specific screen.
  4. Our buying algorithm optimizes for your budget, paced over the duration of your campaign flight.

A Seamless Experience

  • Sophisticated planning tools allow you to weigh screen location, venue type, and audience.
  • Buying options: Choose from real time bidding, guaranteed pricing or private marketplace.
  • End to end to DOOH campaign management: Upload your creative, submit the PO, track impressions and get instant spend reports

Reduced Effort with Unified Search

DOOH inventories across more than 20 publishers can be searched instantly across DMA, city, state or any specific location. Your media team can easily confirm the right locations just by scanning our customized map.

Shorten Time for Proposal Generation + Finalization

Media Agencies can reduce the proposal cycle: Quickly see all available inventory, generate proposals on the fly, and use our workflow tool to draft + share proposals, Once a client approves, draft can quickly be moved to “active.”

Optimization in Buying

We automatically adjust your bids throughout the day based on your buying criteria, maximizing your media buy.

About UrbanIQ

With decades of collective experience in Advertising, Technology and Out of Home, we have created a platform for Media agencies in mind. We believe that Digital Out of Home can be better — more effective, relevant, and measurable — and using technology, we are ready to change the game.


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