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Outdoor Media Is All About Digital in 2022

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Maximize the Impact of “Traditional Campaigns.”

Serving clients nationally and internationally in all major markets.

Outdoor Media Buyers’ roots are in both outdoor advertising and digital marketing and we will build you the right integrated campaign tied to very specific geographic, psychographic and defined key performance indicators (“KPIs”).

This part of the industry is expanding, and it is obvious why this is such a sought after form of branding. With 100’s of options of formats, from digital tax-tops to digital street network displays, your brand will be seen at eye level to thousands of consumers every second.

There is much more room for creativity with digital media.
With a scrolling display, you are able to share more than one message.
With a video display, you can share a powerful message in just seconds.
Besides the attractiveness of a digital display, the price is also right. You are given more flexibility to pick which days, times, and campaign length you want to show on a digital display. Because of this control that you wouldn’t be able to have with a classic billboard, Digital Outdoor Displays are much more cost effective.

Each clients’ needs and each campaign’s objectives are unique. Your digital environment will be tailored accordingly. The following examples represent campaigns that we regularly run for clients

Digital Outdoor Media + Digital Marketing


We often work in collaboration with creative and public relations agencies. If you have an agency in place, we look forward to working with them to accomplish your KPIs.

Some Use Cases for Digital Outdoor Advertising


From Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) to deliverinAg ads over display networks such as Google and other programmatic platforms, IMG will guide you

  1. Depending on your budget, IMG will establish your campaign(s) on the proper platform(s).
  2. IMG will write your ad copy, if needed
  3. Landing page development or optimization
  4. Turning visitors into leads.

Outdoor Media Buyers represents a network of hundreds of independent and major billboard operators, reaching 100,000,000+ consumers across the United States.

Bulletins, Digital Bulletins, Wallscapes, Transit Systems, Malls

Newspapers, static billboards, television and radio used to dominate the media options in marketing plans.

While your media plan may include both traditional and digital outdoor media, it is critical to make it comprehensive with other online and offline efforts.

Traditional + Digital Outdoor Media + Digital Marketing (1st Screen) = An Advertiser’s DREAM!

Proven to be significantly better for targeting specific demographics, leading many advertisers to drop support for traditional methods altogether.

Recent technological innovations, however, have led many big players in the advertising industry to go back to traditional forms of advertising, specifically digital billboards and their smaller screened counterparts. Why? Because unlike online ads, billboards are not seen as being an inconvenience; in some cases, billboards are even seen as “artistic”, especially those put into the public’s eye by companies like Apple and Coca Cola.

But what about capturing the passerby’s attention? With the use of new interactive technologies, billboards are becoming more than just static images painted on a wall: billboards are now participating members of the Internet of Things, and they’re getting smarter every day.

Upgrading Traditional Billboards

We work with the most sophisticated systems allowing for access to anonymous data aggregated from a variety of sources such as cell phone locations and passing vehicles.

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Once this data is processed through the system, the system can then dynamically alter the content of the billboard to display an advertisement that is relevant to those in the group.

For example, if by chance a group of vehicles happens to be passing by that is heavily composed of parents and their children, the advertisement that might have been originally showcasing a new car can alter its content to instead show a preview for a new family-friendly movie that is opening that weekend.

Additionally, besides looking at anonymous data, the technology can also identify the types of vehicles that are passing by. In this case, if there happened to be a large group of Fords driving by, the advertisement could shift and display ads for Chevy vehicles with some kind of special offer for Ford owners.

Future of Outdoor Media / Advertising

As these technologies become less expensive and thus more readily available, there is sure to be a push to develop and improve outdoor advertising mediums for more intelligence and a greater range of interactivity.

Everyone should expect to see more of these sorts of creative advertising campaigns making their way to the general public in the coming years, especially if advertisers can prove the greater effectiveness of these types of interactive advertising experiences. This expansion will provide a new level of convenience to consumers, and an opportunity for businesses to make their goods and services more widely known amongst their targeted demographic.

Digital billboards are the most time-sensitive & flexible form of outdoor advertising.

Digital billboards allow advertisers to change messages throughout the course of a day.

Digital billboard advertising capabilities include social media integration, countdowns, day/weekparting, live updates, conditional content (weather, temperature), Outdoor Connect / RSS WiFi / Touch-Screen, and more.

Engage and develop a dialogue with consumers through unlimited creative executions, using a variety of digital outdoor signs.

Digital enables instantaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.

Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences close to the point of sale.

Optimize ad spend and work synergistically with other media to enhance ROI.

Positioned on highly visible, heavily trafficked locations such as expressways and major roadways.

Digital spots are typically :15 seconds or :08 seconds in length and can be purchased in almost any time increment including short term media dominations in case you want to propose in Times Square?

Products, formats and availability vary by market.

Digital Billboards:The evolution of outdoor advertising. Everyone is talking about them: digital billboards. Why?

In 2011, there were approximately only 2,400 digital billboard displays throughout the United States.

In 2016 there are approximately 6400 – a growth of almost 300% in just 5 years.

Compared to the 450,000 static billboards throughout the country that is still a small fraction of the billboard advertising that happens in the USA. But those 6,400 digital boards and the opportunities that they can offer advertisers are creating a huge buzz in the advertising industry.

What does this mean for you as an advertiser . . . or your clients if you are an agency?

Are digital billboards available for you?

To start, with a limited amount of digital displays in great demand, a digital billboard location may not even be available where you are looking to advertise. Contact us to find out if they are. If displays are available they will certainly be in premiere locations. That’s to say, at this time they will be amongst the priciest of billboard displays available to advertisers in that area.

A few details from you will help us to provide information on what’s available in the area(s) that interest you.

If a location and price fits your needs, you will be sharing space with a group of other advertisers as your ad rotates with the other ads on the same billboard. Think of the display as a large slide show with your advertising showing in a sequence of ads for about 6 to 8 seconds each time — time will vary by location.

We have access to ALL digital billboard networks: ANY market

Through our network of billboard vendors, we can provide you with the entire availability in the area that interests you. There’s no need to locate, call and wait for space owners to call you back. We will quickly tell you what’s available and provide effective options if digital boards are unavailable. Visit our FAQ for frequently asked questions.

National Standard Sizing of Digital Outdoor Media

Media Types & DescriptionHeight (Pixels)Width (Pixels)Square FeetHeight (Inches)Width (Inches)Square Inches
Digital Digital Large Bulletin (px)1,8006001,080,00021,6007,200155,520,000
Digital Digital Standard Bulletin (px)1,400400560,00016,8004,80080,640,000
Digital Digital Junior Bulletin (px)1,400400560,00016,8004,80080,640,000
Digital Digital Square Bulletin (px)840840705,60010,08010,080101,606,400
Digital Digital Standard Poster (px)840400336,00010,0804,80048,384,000
Digital Digital Junior Poster (px)840400336,00010,0804,80048,384,000
Digital HD Screens Digital Airport Horizontal Screen (px)1,9201,0802,073,60023,04012,960298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Mall Horizontal Screen (px)1,9201,0802,073,60023,04012,960298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Newsstand Horizontal Back Screen (px)1,9201,0802,073,60023,04012,960298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Rail Horizontal Screen (px)1,9201,0802,073,60023,04012,960298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Place-Based Horizontal Screen (px)1,9201,0802,073,60023,04012,960298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Airport Vertical Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Bus Shelter Vertical Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Mall Vertical Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Newsstand Vertical Side Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Rail Vertical Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Digital Place-Based Vertical Screen (px)1,0801,9202,073,60012,96023,040298,598,400
Digital HD Screens Common Digital Interactive CapabilitiesMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriad
Digital Static Digital with Limited AnimationMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriad
Digital Static Digital with Full-motion VideoMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriad
Digital Static Digital with Full-motion Video and AudioMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriad
Digital Static Digital with Interactive Touch ScreenMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriadMyriad


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