Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising uniquely reaches those in their cars and those walking on the sidewalks. The height of typically-sized advertising on buses is at the ideal viewing height for the drivers sitting in their cars and the passersby alike.

The opportunities for bus advertisements vary by city, But the most common are “Kings, Queens, headlamps and tails.” These names refer to the size and location where your advertisement is placed on a bus.
Some cities offer large digital ads on the sides of their buses. At present, digital glass sides can be found more commonly in the warmer markets to the south. Miami and Atlanta, for example, have attractive Digital bus advertising available in addition to traditional formats.
Most municipalities with a public bus system offer at least the traditional bus ad format, which is typically printed on adhesive vinyl and affixed for longer periods of time.
Advertising on bus interiors reaches a different audience entirely. Bus riders largely skew toward a lower-income segment.
Advertising on the interior of buses will often include
  • Payday loan companies
  • Attorneys – PI & Bankruptcy
  • Banks
  • Auto brands
  • Public service announcements (“PSAs”)
  • Multilingual Messaging
  • Trades schools & other education
  • Medical certifications

Some confuse “bus advertising” with “bus interior advertising.”

This is similar to how those confuse the target audience for bus shelter advertising, which reaches pedestrians and passing vehicles rather than those waiting for the bus, necessarily.

Bus interior advertising, also called bus interior car cards, effectively reach those riding on the bus. Heck, no one wants to look at each other anymore!! Most passengers either look down at our phones or up at the bus interior ads.

The advertising on the interior of buses most typically targets lower-income individuals and one will often see ads for bankruptcy attorneys, payday loans and other predatory models that serve the low-income community.

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