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JFK International
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John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

John F. Kennedy International Airport located in Queens, New York is the busiest international passenger airport in the United States. With over 59 million total passengers per year, it is also the 6th busiest airport in the United States and 22nd busiest in the world. JFK has flights to all six inhabited continents and has over 90 total airlines. Approximately 45% of travelers in JFK are domestic while 55% are international. 30% of all travelers from JFK are traveling for business. The most frequent industries traveling through JFK are law, architecture, engineering, healthcare, finance, and IT. The average age of travelers is age 44. Males make up 48% of travelers and 52% are female. The average household income of a passenger in JFK is $70,698.

Hosting more than ninety scheduled airlines and 61 million travelers per year, John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) in New York City is by far one of America’s busiest airports. With six separate passenger terminals, miles of concourses and its own passenger transportation system, JFK affords you the opportunity to reach a wide audience with your product or brand messaging through out-of-home advertising.

Airports have been proven to have higher than average exposure and conversion rates with advertising, not just because of the foot traffic but because of the time spent there. While the average airport traveler spends at least 95 minutes in an airport per flight, that average is likely significantly higher at JFK—a combination of longer security lines, frequent flight delays and being the busiest international air travel gateway in the U.S. With that much time on their hands, a recent Nielsen study revealed that 80 percent of travelers notice airport advertising; 36 percent look up a website on their mobile devices in response to airport advertising; and 19 percent actually buy a product they saw advertised in the airport.

Who Benefits from Advertising at JFK?

Companies, organizations, and brands from many different verticals find OOH advertising at JFK to be highly effective at building awareness and generating sales. Examples include:

  • Local and national brands
  • International vacation destinations
  • Hospitality industry (i.e., restaurants, hotels)
  • Art and culture Colleges, universities and trade schools
  • Nightlife
  • Local tourist attractions
  • Conferences and special events
  • Sports teams and sporting events
  • Real estate

Coordinated Advertising Opportunities

In addition to offering many opportunities for advertising at JFK itself, the airport offers numerous connection points, including the AirTrain, trains, subways, buses, and taxis. A strategic outdoor advertising campaign can utilize these additional outlets to provide extended exposure for your brand to travelers entering and leaving the airport.

Let’s talk about creative ways you can utilize advertising at New York’s JFK Airport to increase awareness and generate more revenue for your brand. Reach out to learn more.

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