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Chhatrapati Shivaji
International Airport Advertising

Also known as Sahar Airport, Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the main airport serving India. It’s also one of the top trafficked airports in South Asia and serves Mumbai. The airport has made remarkable improvements over the years, earning multiple awards for its passenger category, including Best Airport in India & Central Asia from Skytrax, Asia Pacific Airport of the Year by CAPA and the GreenCo Gold Rating, among several others.

Located just a few kilometers from the center of Mumbai, the airport features two long runways, two terminals and is a hub for Air India, as well as several other airlines from around the world. Direct and connecting flights take roughly 40 million passengers to destinations across the globe, while on-site hotels allow people to rest up before their big trip. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is continuously working on improving the travel experience for their passengers.

BOM airport advertising reaches around 40 million people every year, which is nothing to scoff at. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport advertising comes in a range of formats, including digital ads via WiFi or screen and static ads such as wall posters, wraps and experiential displays.

Mumbai BOM Airport Travelers Profile

2015 total passengers: 41,786,352
Avg. monthly passengers: 3,482,196

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    Airport WiFi Sponsorship

    Capture 100% share of voice and guaranteed engagement! Mumbai BOM Airport sponsorship campaigns offer several screens of exclusive, high-impact interactions for your brand.

    • Devices: Mobile, Tablet and Laptop (Android and iOS)
    • Pricing Model: CPE, CPI and CPM
    • Formats: App Download, Display, Video, Click-To-Visit, Email Collection, Poll Question, E-commerce Showcase, Social, Save The Date and Text Match.
    • Production Estimate: $0
    • Advertisers: Amazon, Rackspace, TransferWise, Marriott, and more.
    Mumbai Airport WiFi Sponsorship Advertising
    Mumbai Airport Baggage Claim Area Advertising

    Baggage Claim Area

    Mumbai BOM Airport showcases Dioramas, Spectaculars and Tension Fabric Display in the baggage area.

    • Type: Static and Digital
    • Size: Varies
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Format: Static
    • Production Estimate: $300-$1,500
    • Advertisers: Prudential, Verizon, TheParking Spot, Oracle, and many more.

    Overhead Banner

    Capture 100% share of voice and guaranteed engagement! Mumbai Airport offers multiple locations with high-impact overhead banner advertising displays.

    • Type: Tension Fabric Displays
    • Size: Varies
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Production Estimate: $1,000 – $3,500
    • Advertisers: GMC, Lincoln, Universal Pictures, Zoho CRM, and more.
    Mumbai Airport Overhead Banner Advertising
    Mumbai Airport Business Network Club Lounges

    The Business Network & Club Lounges

    This impactful network is specifically targeted to deliver advertisers an elusive audience of airport travelers: C-Suite executives, business decision-makers., and affluent frequent flyers. Reach the most exclusive business and luxury leisure travelers where no one else can. Executive Club Lounges represent an exclusive opportunity for delivering tailored marketing messages to a valuable and premium travelers.

    • Type: Vertical, Digital, Exhibit, Banners and Product Placements.
    • Size: Varies
    • Share of Voice: 100% on Static. :10 Seconds out of :60 seconds loop
    • Format: Static and full motion.
    • Advertisers: Sony, Bose, Grey Goose, Jaguar, Lexus, and many more.

    Digital Screen Network

    The Digital Network, which is comprised of fully-digital, high definition double-sided 70” LCD screens. Each unit is situated in head-on positions in order to guarantee that this premium advertising medium is seen by all arriving and departing passengers throughout BOM.

    • Type: Digital LCD Screens
    • Size: 40“, 48”, 50” and 70”
    • Share of Voice: :10 Seconds out of :60 seconds loop
    • Format: Static and full motion
    • Production Estimate: $0
    • Advertisers: Nissan, Verizon, Visit Las Vegas, IBM, and many more.
    Mumbai Airport Digital Screen Network Advertising
    Mumbai Airport Digital Spectacular Advertising

    Digital Spectacular

    Digital Spectaculars are intentionally located in the most densely populated areas of Mumbai BOM Airport.

    • Type: Large Format Digital LCD Screens
    • Size: Varies
    • Share of Voice: :10 Seconds out of :60 seconds loop
    • Format: Static and full motion
    • Production Estimate: $0
    • Advertisers: Accenture, Microsoft, SanDisk, Intel, Oracle, and many more.


    Sleek, bright and sized right, these beautiful signs showcase your brand to millions every month. Located on walls, in concourses, arrival and public areas, and at key intersections of the airport, these large format signs bring your message to life.

    • Type: Static
    • Target: Baggage, Concourse, Terminal Connectors, and Ticketing.
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Production Estimate: $300-$600
    • Advertisers: University of Texas, Samsung, Enterprise, Expedia, and more.
    Mumbai Airport Dioramas Advertising
    Mumbai Airport Mini-Spectacular Advertising


    A large-scale variation of a classic advertising format, backlit Spectaculars deliver great passenger reach and impact. Mini-Spectaculars are strategically placed in main BOM Airport arteries to catch traveler’s eyes while they navigate to concourses and arrival areas.

    • Type: Static
    • Target: Baggage, Concourse, Terminal Connectors, and Ticketing.
    • Formats: 5’h x 20’w, 4’h x 10’w, 7’h x 11’w, 5’h x 15’w, and 6’h x 6’w
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Production Estimate: $400-$700
    • Advertisers: Dell, CA Technologies, Oracle and more.

    Security Tray Bin

    Since all passengers must go through security check points, these messages cannot be avoided and therefore guarantee 100% departing passenger visibility. Brand recognition and recall are much more likely when advertising serves a practical purpose and is helpful to passengers.

    • Type: TSA Security Line Media
    • Size: Fixed
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Target by: Airport and Terminal
    • Format: Static
    • Advertisers: Arizona State University, Honda, Reebok, Zappos and more.
    Mumbai Airport TSA Security Tray Bins
    Mumbai Airport Spectaculars


    Reach your target audience in a big way with Spectaculars! Your message gets noticed as passengers walk to baggage claim, restaurants, shopping or their gate. Spectaculars are also located in great targeted locations like the Rental Car Facility and the Taxi line at Mumbai Airport.

    • Type: Static
    • Target: Baggage, Concourse, Terminal Connectors, and Ticketing.
    • Formats: 5’h x 20’w, 4’h x 10’w, 7’h x 11’w, 5’h x 15’w, and 6’h x 6’w
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Production Estimate: $500 – $1,200
    • Advertisers: Dell, CA Technologies, Oracle and more.

    Wall Wrap

    Wall and window wraps deliver big impact to travelers and are strategically located in high traffic locations. They provide a “can’t miss” message for advertisers. Both large and small, wraps are a great option to show-off your brand or offer.

    • Type: Wall Wrap Statics
    • Size: Varies
    • Share of Voice: 100%
    • Production Estimate: $1,000 – $5,000
    • Advertisers: Mail Chimp, HSBC, Sophos, Infor, Undertone, and more.
    Mumbai Airport Wall Wrap Advertising

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