ClickCease Airport WiFi – Digital Outdoor Advertising – New York, Los Angeles & All Major Domestic Markets

Airport WiFi

Airport WiFi marketing is one of the more creative advertising routes in outdoor media. WiFi marketing can help brands reach leisure and business travelers not only in the terminals but also in the exclusive clubs for the airlines including advertising in the United Airlines Club, advertising in the American Airlines Club, advertising in the Delta Airlines Club and most clubs around the world.

For brands who want to not only reach a large demographic with their message, but also collect critical audience data, WiFi advertising will yield significant results.

According to DKNA, an airport research company, the average dwell time in an airport while waiting for a flight is 95 minutes. It comes as no surprise that nearly everyone who is waiting in an airport will at some point tap into their WiFi–leaving brands with a golden marketing opportunity.

The Nielsen Airport Insights Study of 2017 reveals airport advertising increases brand awareness and drives sales. According to the study 80% of frequent flyers notice advertising in the airport and 42% of them visited a website or learned more about the brand as a result. In addition, the study showed that 29% responded to a social media CTA and 19% actually bought the product/service being advertised.


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