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Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Advertising – Content Needs Editing by Sasha 2.21.2023

Cost of Advertising at the Philadelphia International Airport

The cost to advertise at the Philadelphia airport and the same applies to advertising at all domestic and international airports.

The variables impacting the required campaign investment include budget, time of year, type(s) of advertising, campaign duration and the abilities of your airport advertising media buyer. Generally, digital advertising options, such as digital displays, video walls, and charging stations, tend to be more expensive than static advertising options like wall wraps and banners.

The cost of advertising at the airport can also vary based on factors such as the location of the advertisement, the size of the ad, and the time of year. For example, ads in high-traffic areas such as the main terminal or baggage claim areas may cost more than ads in less heavily trafficked areas of the airport.


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Advertising

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is the busiest airport in the world with over 103 million passengers per year. It has been the world’s busiest airport since 1998. Not only is it the busiest but it is also the most efficient and has been for the last 14 years straight. It is the 7th busiest airport in the U.S. for international passenger traffic with over 11 million international passengers. It is home to the world’s largest hub, Delta, with over 1,00 flights a day. The airport services over 50 countries and 150 U.S. destinations. Hartsfield-Jackson is the state’s largest employer with over 60,000 employees.


  • Airport WiFi Sponsorship
  • Baggage Claim Area
  • Banners
  • Business Network
  • Digital Screen Network
  • Digital Spectacular
  • Diorama
  • Large Format Sign
  • Mini-Spectacular
  • Security Tray Bin
  • Spectacular Wall Wrap
Beijing Capital International Airport Advertising


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Dubai International Airport Advertising

Emirates Airline has its hub airport in Dubai Overseas (DXB) and has now their terminal that is own 3 3 concourses which they share with flydubai. The Emirates Airline hub is the flight hub that is largest in the center East; Emirates handles 51% of all of the passenger traffic and accounts for roughly 42% of all aircraft motions at the airport. Dubai Airport is also the beds base for low-cost carrier flydubai which handles 13% of passenger traffic and 25% of aircraft movements at DXB. The airport includes a capability that is total of million passengers annually. At the time of January 2016, there are over 7,700 flights being weekly by 140 airlines to over 270 destinations across all inhabited continents. Over 63% of people utilizing the airport in 2018 had been passengers which are linking.

Dubai airport terminal can be found in the Al Garhoud district, 2.5 kilometers which is 4.6km nautical; 2.9 mi east of Dubai and spread over an area of 7,200 acres (2,900ha) of land. Terminal 3 may be the second-largest building worldwide by floor space additionally the airport terminal that is largest on earth.

Dubai Overseas can be an factor that is essential the Dubai economy, because it employs approximately 90,000 people, indirectly supports over 400,000 jobs and contributes over US$26.7 billion to the economy, which represents around 27 % of Dubai’s GDP and 21% of this work in Dubai. It really is predicted that by 2020, the economic contribution of Dubai’s aviation sector will increase to 37.5percent regarding the town’s GDP and also by 2030, the financial effect of aviation is projected to develop to $88.1 billion and support 1.95 million jobs in Dubai or 44.7% associated with GDP and 35.1% associated with employment that is total.

Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB, ICAO: OMDB) (Arabic: مطار دبي الدولي‎) is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is the entire world’s airport that is busiest by international passenger traffic. It is also the fifth-busiest airport on earth by passenger traffic, the cargo airport that is sixth-busiest in the world, the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements and also the airport aided by the highest average wide range of people per journey. In 2017, DXB handled 88 million passengers and 2.65 million tonnes of cargo and registered 409,493 aircraft movements. In July 2019, Dubai airport terminal installed the greatest energy that is solar in the region’s airports as part of Dubai’s goal to lessen 30% associated with the city power consumption by 2030.

Los Angeles International Airport Advertising

Los Angeles International Airport is the 2nd busiest airport in the United States, and 5th busiest in the world with over 84 million passengers per year. LAX is the second busiest airport for international passengers in the United States with over 24 million people per year. Approximately 29% of all travelers are international.

The most common business professionals using LAX are medical professionals, accountants or financial professionals, attorneys or judges, architects, engineers, and IT professionals. The majority of business travelers hold the title of Manager or above.

LAX is used as a hub for more airlines than any other U.S. airport. The majority of LAX travelers begin or end their trips at LAX. It is most often an origin or destination airport, not a connection airport. The average household income of an LAX passenger is $93,635, with an average age of 44.

Tokyo Haneda Airport Advertising


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O’Hare International Airport Advertising


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Hong Kong International Airport Advertising


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