A time-tested process that will ensure the maximum impact of your campaign.

Media Selection + Delivery

  • Strategy
  • Targeting
  • Market-specific impression data by media placement
  • Design, Production, Installation, Proofs of Posting
  • Support throughout your campaign’s lifecycle
  • Replacement of damaged creative during the course of a campaign.
  • Campaign post mortem reporting + analysis

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The availability of local media data (non-national media vendors) will periodically limit OMB’s ability to deliver comprehensive reporting.

Messaging + Creative

If you have a creative agency, great! We will collaborate with them during the campaign development process.

If you need creative design and messaging, we’ve got you covered!

In fact, the other side of our business is a digital marketing agency!

Tracking + Analytics


Outdoor Advertising Campaign Lifecycle

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1. Determine goals, timing and budget

2. OMB Present Availabilities and Campaign Options for your consideration

3. Refine Campaign Based on Client Feedback

4. Our digital contracting process is simple.
As soon as you've completed your contract and deposit with OMB, we will confirm the elements of your campaign with our vendor / partners.

5. Graphic design can be provided by OMB or by your creative agency.

6. Printing your final creative on the appropriate substrates. Once printed, your ads will be shipped to the vendor(s) for installation. Printing must be done by OMB to maintain consistent standards for our vendor / partners.

7. OMB will confirm posting of your campaign as soon as the information is available. Depending on the complexity of your campaign, coordination with multiple vendors may be required, which may correspondingly slow down notification of posting.

8. Our work does not stop once your campaign is posted. If you're working with our digital marketing affiliate, IMG Digital, we will have various tracking and engagement reporting that will require analysis and optimization during your campaign.

9. Final campaign results will be presented following its completion. As noted previously, this process can be slowed down if coordinating multiple vendors. We are all at the mercy of the timing of their operations teams!