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Arena & Stadium Advertising

Arena & Stadium Advertising

There is something that is electrifying about being in the stands during a sports game. The second fans enter a stadium, they become captivated. Arena and Stadium Advertising is an excellent way to expose your brand directly to thousands of consumers who are actively watching and listening to everything around them. You have the opportunity to flaunt your brand right in front of an active and receptive audience. Therefore, you guarantee circulation to your targeted demographics, excellent visibility, and sizeable impressions.

Benefits of  Arena and Stadium Advertising

Viewers are emotionally connected to the game they are watching. They are in an engaged state in an enlivened outdoor environment. Therefore, they are more likely to absorb your brand and messaging. You can also choose specific demographics by advertising to sports fans locally, regionally and nationally.
Arena and Stadium Advertising is available in a number of sports facilities, servicing hundreds of teams in the top sports leagues in the country. Arena and stadium advertising packages are usually sold in advance for an entire season. This means that when you plan ahead to advertise, you can purchase a package anywhere from a single season to three years. Venues can provide more specific audience specifics, allowing you to choose a long-term marketing strategy that works best for you.
Another added benefit of arena and stadium advertising is that, depending on your media choice, you can have the opportunity to advertise to fans watching at home. For example, if you choose a digital ad on the scoreboard, you have the chance of it being shown on the live stream. This means you have the ability to gain an even larger audience to share your brand with.

Available Media Platforms in Stadiums

Facade Units
Out-of-Town Scoreboards
Replay Screen Spots


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