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Connected TV advertising (CTV)

Understanding Connected TV and How It Can Benefit Advertisers

With traditional TV seeing an increasing plummet, our advertising behavior has seen a paradigm shift. This shift is accelerated by the growth of CTV or Connected TV advertising. With CTV, you have the ability to watch your favorite shows anytime, at your convenience.

CTV (connected TVs) are smart TVs that have the ability to deliver video content through an internet connection on devices such as Roku, Samsung and other Smart TV’s, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and major gaming consoles, such as Xbox and Playstation. If you’re buying a big screen TV these days, you’re most likely buying a Smart TV. This is a television with a built-in connection to the internet.

The video is delivered to viewers through media company APPs like ABC, CBS, NBC, Paramount+, Discovery, ESPN, Fox Nation, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Now, Fubo, etc…

The programming type that is delivered through CTV are long-form episodic television programming that is either live or on-demand like Grey’s Anatomy (all seasons) and Law & Order as well as live events like The NBA Playoffs or MTV Music Video Awards. Other live programming includes most of everything you can currently watch on linear TV like ML Baseball, CNN News, Housewives, etc… but it’s through the designated app on devices as mentioned previously: Roku, Samsung Smart TV’s, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc…, ads can be served within commercial breaks to a targeted household and audience.

The entire landscape of digital advertising is being taken over by CTV – and that is largely because of the option of getting your commercials on the big screen without the large price tag, reaching both cord-cutters and highly engaged viewers in real time!

Moreover, there are more than 164 million U.S. consumers viewing video content via connected TV devices, and a forecast of up to 204 million viewers by the end of 2022. 80% of households that have a cable TV service also watch shows via CTV.

In comparison with traditional TV advertising, CTV allows for more precise targeting and inventory selection, resulting in a more efficient route for reaching a larger market.Simply put, CTV is the present and future medium for powerful digital advertising.

With CTV gaining mass appeal across the world, we can expect to see a complete digital renaissance in the coming years. It is the present and the future medium for the most powerful digital advertising.


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    How will CTV Advertising give you an edge?

    Helps Create Brand Resonance

    Commercials are broadcast at a considerably reduced frequency or controlled frequency, and usually only one ad at a time. In support of this, recent research revealed that when compared to completion rates on other digital platforms, CTV consumers complete 98 percent of video commercials.

    Because viewers aren’t inundated with commercial after commercial vying for their attention, they’re more likely to give undivided attention to an ad and remember the brand. When compared to desktop and mobile viewers, CTV viewers demonstrated greater levels of brand recognition and favorability, according to the same survey. Showing an ad to a more responsive viewer increases the likelihood that they will become a customer.

    Helps Reach The Right Audience

    …at the right time.

    Connected TV is expected to continue increasing at a rapid rate, eventually surpassing linear television, by providing viewers with a controlled watching experience with access to high-quality content that allows them to pick what they want to watch when they want to watch it.

    With Connected TV advertising, advertisers can assess their target audience and reach them at the right time – generating more traffic and gathering more potential clients.

    It Is Light On The Pocket

    CTV advertising is an opportunity for advertisers to save chunks of impression costs. Only one person sees an ad when they watch it on their personal Internet-connected device, whereas advertising on television might be seen by multiple individuals.

    The same ad is viewed by several individuals at the same time, lowering the cost per impression for the advertiser. This renders it a budget-friendly option for the advertiser.

    Enhances User Experience

    Connected TV allows for full-screen delivery of targeted, highly customized, HD-quality advertisements with stereo sound. As a consequence of both sight and sound, better ad quality enhances brand loyalty and increases brand visibility.

    Furthermore, advertisements on connected TV provide a natural large-screen experience with excellent ad viewability. It mimics the look and feel of regular cable television. Consumers not only pay greater attention to CTV advertisements which are customized to them, but they also watch them for longer periods of time.

    The Benefits ofAsellus’ CTV solution

    • Access to “last look” exceptional tier-one CTV inventory at below market pricing
    • Access to an expert team that is dedicated to help manage your business – services that may not be available on self-serve platforms
    • Vast selection of targeting capabilities
    • Transparent reporting
    StateMarketTV households (2021–22)NBCCBSABCFoxThe CW & The CW PlusMyNetworkTVIon TelevisionTelemundoUnivisionPBSIndependent stationsOther significant US television stations[2]
    New YorkNew York CTV Advertising7452620WNBC 4WCBS-TV 2WABC-TV 7WNYW 5WPIX 11WWOR-TV 9WPXN-TV 31WNJU 47WXTV-DT 41WNET 13
    WLIW 21
    WNJN 50
    WNJB 58
    WLNY-TV 55
    WMBC-TV 63
    WNYE-TV 25 (Educational)
    WJLP 33 (MeTV)
    WPXO-LD 34 (America Teve)
    WKOB-LD 42 (Azteca)
    WRNN-TV 48 (ShopHQ)
    WTBY-TV 54 (TBN)
    WFTY-DT 67 (True Crime Network)
    WFUT-DT 68 (UniMás)
    CaliforniaLos Angeles CTV Advertising5735230KNBC 4KCBS-TV 2KABC-TV 7KTTV 11KTLA 5KCOP-TV 13KPXN-TV 30KVEA 52KMEX 34KVCR-DT 24
    KCET 28
    KOCE-TV 50
    KLCS 58
    KCAL-TV 9
    KWHY-TV 22
    KDOC-TV 56
    KSCI 18 (ShopHQ)
    KTBN-TV 40 (TBN)
    KFTR-DT 46 (UniMás)
    KAZA-TV 54 (MeTV)
    KRCA 62 (Estrella TV)
    KILM 64 (Bounce TV)
    IllinoisChicago CTV Advertising3471560WMAQ-TV 5WBBM-TV 2WLS-TV 7WFLD 32WCIU-TV 26WPWR-TV 50WCPX-TV 38WSNS-TV 44WGBO-DT 66WTTW 11
    WYIN 56
    WGN-TV 9
    WMEU-CD 48
    WOCK-CD 13 (Shop LC)
    WWME-CD 23 (MeTV)
    WWME-CD 23.2 (H&I)
    WWTO-TV 35 (TBN)
    WXFT-DT 60 (UniMás)
    PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia CTV Advertising2997360WCAU 10KYW-TV 3WPVI-TV 6WTXF-TV 29WPSG 57WPHL-TV 17WPPX-TV 61WWSI 62WUVP-DT 65WHYY-TV 12
    WNJS 23
    WPPT 35
    WLVT-TV 39
    WNJT 52
    WACP 4
    WBPH-TV 60
    WFMZ-TV 69
    WDPN-TV 2 (MeTV)
    WPSJ-CD 8 (Azteca)
    WFPA-CD 28 (UniMás)
    WMGM-TV 40 (True Crime Network)
    WMCN-TV 44 (ShopHQ)
    WGTW-TV 48 (TBN)
    WTVE 51 (Infomercials)
    TexasDallas-Fort Worth CTV Advertising2962520KXAS-TV 5KTVT 11WFAA 8KDFW 4KDAF 33KDFI 27KPXD-TV 68KXTX-TV 39KUVN-DT 23KERA-TV 13KTXA 21KDTN 2 (Daystar)
    KSTR-DT 49 (UniMás)
    KDTX-TV 58 (TBN)
    CaliforniaSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CTV Advertising2653270KNTV 11KPIX-TV 5KGO-TV 7KTVU 2KBCW 44KRON-TV 4KKPX-TV 65KSTS 48KDTV 14KQED 9/KQET 25
    KQEH 54
    KTSF 26
    KICU-TV 36
    KAXT-CD 1 (Decades)
    KOFY-TV 20 (Grit TV)
    KCNS 38 (ShopHQ)
    KEMO-TV 50 (Estrella TV)
    KEMO-TV 50.2 (Azteca America)
    KFSF-DT 66 (UniMás)
    KTLN-TV 68 (H&I)
    KTLN-TV 68.2/68.3 (MeTV)
    GeorgiaAtlanta CTV Advertising2648970WXIA-TV 11WGCL-TV 46WSB-TV 2WAGA-TV 5WUPA 69WATL 36WPXA-TV 14WKTB-CD 47WUVG-DT 34WGTV 8
    WABE-TV 30
    WPCH-TV 17WHSG-TV 63 (TBN)
    TexasHouston CTV Advertising2569900KPRC-TV 2KHOU 11KTRK-TV 13KRIV 26KIAH 39KTXH 20KPXB-TV 49KTMD 47KXLN-DT 45KUHT 8KETH-TV 14 (TBN)
    KUBE-TV 57 (ShopHQ)
    KFTH-DT 67 (UniMás)
    District of ColumbiaWashington (Hagerstown) CTV Advertising2565580WRC-TV 4WUSA 9WJLA-TV 7WTTG 5WDCW 50WDCA 20WWPX-TV 60
    WPXW-TV 66
    WHUT-TV 32
    WDVM-TV 25W42CK 42 (3ABN)
    WMDO-CD 47 (UniMás)
    WJAL 68 (LATV)
    MassachusettsBoston (Manchester) CTV Advertising2489620WBTS-CD 15WBZ-TV 4WCVB-TV 5
    WMUR-TV 9
    WGBX-TV 44
    WHDH 7WUTF-DT 27 (UniMás)
    WWJE-DT 50 (True Crime)
    WDPX-TV 58 (Court TV)
    ArizonaPhoenix (Prescott) CTV Advertising2158240KNAZ-TV 2
    KPNX 12
    KAZT-TV 7
    KFPH-DT 13 (UniMás)
    KPAZ-TV 21 (TBN)
    WashingtonSeattle-Tacoma CTV Advertising2098800KING-TV 5KIRO-TV 7KOMO-TV 4KCPQ 13KSTW 11KZJO 22KWPX-TV 33KWPX-TV 33.7KUNS-TV 51KCTS-TV 9
    KBTC-TV 28
    KONG 16K08OU-D 8 (3ABN)
    KTBW-TV 20 (TBN)
    KFFV 44 (MeTV)
    FloridaTampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota)2035250WFLA-TV 8WTSP 10WFTS-TV 28
    WWSB 40
    WCLF 22 (CTN)
    WFTT-DT 62 (UniMás)
    MinnesotaMinneapolis-St. Paul CTV Advertising1887390KARE 11WCCO-TV 4/KCCW-TV 12KSTP-TV 5/KSAX 42/KRWF 43WFTC 9.1/KMSP-TV 9.9/KFTC 26.1WUCW 23WFTC 9.2/KFTC 26.2KPXM-TV 41KJNK-LD 25WUMN-LD 17KTCA-TV 2.1/KTCI-TV 2.3KSTC-TV 5.2K33LN-D 33 (3ABN)
    MichiganDetroit CTV Advertising1862620WDIV-TV 4WWJ-TV 62WXYZ-TV 7WJBK 2WKBD-TV 50WADL 38WPXD-TV 31WTVS 56WMYD 20WHNE-LD 14 (Light TV)
    WDWO-CD 18 (Azteca)
    ColoradoDenver CTV Advertising1798440KUSA 9KCNC-TV 4KMGH-TV 7KFCT 22/KDVR 31KWGN-TV 2KTVD 20KPXC-TV 59KDEN-TV 25KCEC-TV 14KRMA-TV 6
    KBDI-TV 12
    KPJR-TV 38 (TBN)
    KTFD-TV 50 (UniMás)
    FloridaOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne CTV Advertising1731360WESH 2WKMG-TV 6WFTV 9WOFL 35WKCF 18WRBW 65WOPX-TV 56WTMO-CD 31WVEN-TV 43WUCF-TV 24WRDQ 27WOTF-TV 26 (UniMás)
    W32DJ-D 32 (3ABN)
    WHLV-TV 52 (TBN)
    FloridaMiami-Fort Lauderdale CTV Advertising1693450WTVJ 6WFOR-TV 4WPLG 10WSVN 7WSFL-TV 39WBFS-TV 33WPXM-TV 35WSCV 51WLTV-DT 23WLRN-TV 17W16CC-D 16 (Azteca)
    WHFT-TV 45 (TBN)
    WAMI-DT 69 (UniMás)
    OhioCleveland-Akron (Canton) CTV Advertising1511970WKYC 3WOIO 19WEWS-TV 5WJW 8WUAB 43WOIO 19.2 (MeTV is the primary affiliate)WVPX-TV 23WTCL-LP 6WQHS-DT 61WVIZ 25
    WEAO 49
    WBNX-TV 55
    WMFD-TV 68
    WDLI-TV 17 (Court TV)
    WQDI-LD 20 (Azteca TV)
    CaliforniaSacramento-Stockton-Modesto CTV Advertising1459260KCRA-TV 3KOVR 13KXTV 10KTXL 40KMAX-TV 31KQCA 58KSPX 29KCSO-LD 33KUVS-DT 19KVIE 6K20JX-D (3ABN)
    OregonPortland, OR CTV Advertising1315470KGW 8KOIN 6KATU 2KPTV 12KRCW-TV 32KPDX 49KPXG 22KPXG 22.7KUNP 16KOPB-TV 10KNMT 24 (TBN)
    North CarolinaCharlotte CTV Advertising1290660WCNC-TV 36WBTV 3WSOC-TV 9WJZY 46WCCB 18WMYT-TV 55WJZY 46.6WSOC-TV 9.2WTVI 42
    WUNG-TV 58
    WNSC-TV 30
    WAXN-TV 64
    WHKY-TV 14
    MissouriSt. Louis CTV Advertising1239210KSDK 5KMOV 4KDNL-TV 30KTVI 2KPLR-TV 11KMOV 4.3WRBU 46KETC 9KNLC 24 (MeTV)
    K25NG-D (3ABN)
    North CarolinaRaleigh-Durham (Fayetteville) CTV Advertising1237230WRAL-TV 5/WRAL-EX 39 (ATSC 3.0)WNCN 17WTVD 11WRAZ 50WLFL-TV 22WRDC-TV 28WRPX-TV 47WRTD-CD 54WUVC-DT 40WUNC-TV 4WFPX-TV 62 (Bounce TV)
    IndianaIndianapolis CTV Advertising1182500WTHR 13WTTV 4/WTTK 29WRTV 6WXIN 59WISH-TV 8WNDY-TV 23WIPX-TV 63WDNI-CD 19WFYI 20
    WTIU 30
    WTTV 4.2/ WTTK 29.2
    WHMB-TV 40
    WALV-CD 46 (MeTV; also available on 13.3)
    WCLJ-TV 42 (Bounce TV)
    WBXI-CD 47 (Start TV)
    WUDZ-LD 28 (Buzzr)
    PennsylvaniaPittsburgh CTV Advertising1166130WPXI 11KDKA-TV 2WTAE-TV 4WPGH-TV 53WPCW 19WPNT 22WINP-TV 16WQED 13
    CaliforniaSan Diego CTV Advertising1132300KNSD 39KFMB-TV 8KGTV 10KSWB-TV 69KFMB-DT2 8.2 (The CW is the primary affiliate)KFMB-DT2 8.2 (MyNetworkTV is the secondary affiliate)KSWB-TV 69.4KUAN-LD 48KBNT-CD 17KPBS 15KUSI-TV 51KSDX-LD 29 (Estrella TV)
    KDTF-LD 36 (UniMas)
    KSDY-LD 50 (Nuestra Vision)
    MarylandBaltimore CTV Advertising1129830WBAL-TV 11WJZ-TV 13WMAR-TV 2WBFF 45WNUV 54WBFF-DT2 45.2WMJF-CD 39WMPT 22/WMPB 67WUTB 24 (TBD)
    WWDD-LD 40 (Daystar)
    WQAW-LD 69 (Azteca America)
    TennesseeNashville CTV Advertising1102340WSMV-TV 4WTVF 5WKRN-TV 2WZTV 17WZTV 17.2WUXP-TV 30WNPX-TV 28WLLC-LD 42WNPT 8
    WCTE 22
    WNAB 58 (Dabl)
    WPGD 50 (TBN)
    WJNK-LD 34 (3ABN)
    UtahSalt Lake City CTV Advertising1100260KSL-TV 5KUTV 2KTVX 4KSTU 13KUCW 30KMYU 12KUPX-TV 16KTMW 20
    KULX-CD 10
    KSVN-CD 25 (Azteca)
    KUCL-LD 26 (3ABN)
    TexasSan Antonio CTV Advertising1031180WOAI-TV 4KENS 5KSAT-TV 12KABB 29WOAI-TV 4.2KCWX 2KPXL-TV 26KVDA 60KWEX-DT 41KLRN 9KNIC-DT 17 (UniMás)
    KHCE-TV 23 (TBN)
    K25OB-D 14 (3ABN)
    KMYS 35 (Dabl)
    ConnecticutHartford-New Haven CTV Advertising1002710WVIT 30WFSB 3WTNH 8WTIC-TV 61WCCT-TV 20WCTX 59WHPX-TV 26WRDM-CD 19WUVN 18WEDH 24
    OhioColumbus, OH CTV Advertising999300WCMH-TV 4WBNS-TV 10WSYX 6WSYX 6.3WWHO 53WSYX 6.2WCMH-TV 4.3WOSU-TV 34WDEM-CD 17WTTE 28 (TBD)
    WSFJ-TV 51 (Bounce TV)
    MissouriKansas City CTV Advertising986160KSHB-TV 41KCTV 5KMBC-TV 9WDAF-TV 4KCWE 29KSMO-TV 62KPXE-TV 50KGKC-LD 39KUKC-LD 20KCPT 19KMCI-TV 38KTAJ-TV 16 (TBN)
    South CarolinaGreenville Spartanburg Asheville-Anderson CTV Advertising940000WYFF 4WSPA-TV 7WLOS 13WHNS 21WYCW 62WLOS 13.2WSPA-TV 7.3WNTV 29
    WUNF-TV 33
    WMYA-TV 40 (Dabl)
    OhioCincinnati CTV Advertising925900WLWT 5WKRC-TV 12WCPO-TV 9WXIX-TV 19WKRC-DT2 12.2WSTR-TV 64WXIX-DT 19.5WCET 48
    WPTO 14
    WCVN-TV 54
    WBQC-LD 25 (Cozi TV)
    WisconsinMilwaukee CTV Advertising921920WTMJ-TV 4WDJT-TV 58WISN-TV 12WITI 6WVTV 18WVTV-DT2 24WPXE-TV 55WYTU-LD 63WMVS 10/WMVT 36WMLW-TV 49WBME-CD 41 (MeTV)
    WWRS-TV 52 (TBN)
    TexasAustin CTV Advertising912400KXAN-TV 36KEYE-TV 42KVUE 24KTBC 7KNVA 54KBVO 14KXAN-TV 36.3KEYE-TV 42.2KAKW-DT 62KLRU 18
    FloridaWest Palm Beach-Fort Pierce CTV Advertising870720WPTV-TV 5WPEC 12WPBF 25WFLX 29WTVX 34WTCN-CD 43WPXP-TV 67WXEL-TV 42WHDT 9WHDT 9.2 (Court TV)
    WTCE-TV 21 (TBN)
    WXOD-LD 24 (Buzzr)
    WWHB-CD 48 (Azteca)
    NevadaLas Vegas CTV Advertising833510KSNV 3KLAS-TV 8KTNV-TV 13KVVU-TV 5KVCW 33KVCW 33.2KMCC 34KBLR 39KINC-TV 15KLVX 10KEEN-CD 17 (CTN)
    KHSV 21 (H&I)
    K36NE-D (3ABN)
    MichiganGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek CTV Advertising781080WOOD-TV 8WWMT 3WOTV 41
    WZZM 13
    WTLJ 54 (TCT)
    PennsylvaniaHarrisburg Lancaster Lebanon York CTV Advertising772810WGAL 8WHP-TV 21WHTM-TV 27WPMT 43WHP-DT3 21.3WHP-DT2 21.2WHTM-TV 27.2WITF-TV 33WLYH 49WXBU 15 (TBD)
    FloridaJacksonville CTV Advertising756960WTLV 12WJAX-TV 47WJXX 25WFOX-TV 30WCWJ 17WFOX-TV 30.2WPXC-TV 21WJCT 7WJXT 4
    WUJX-LD 18
    WKBJ-LD 20 (Buzzr)
    W50CO (3ABN)
    OklahomaOklahoma City CTV Advertising755340KFOR-TV 4KWTV-DT 9KOCO-TV 5KOKH-TV 25KOCB 34KSBI-TV 52KOPX-TV 62KTUZ-TV 30KTUZ-DT 36/KUOK 35KETA-TV 13KAUT-TV 43KTBO-TV 14 (TBN)
    KUOT-CD 21 (Cornerstone)
    AlabamaBirmingham (Anniston-Tuscaloosa) CTV Advertising730440WVTM-TV 13WIAT 42WBMA-LD 58/WABM-DT2 68.2/WDBB-DT2 17.2/WGWW-DT2 40.2WBRC 6WTTO 21/WDBB 17WABM 68WPXH-TV 44WBIQ 10WTJP-TV 60 (TBN)
    WSES 33/WGWW 40 (H&I)
    WVUA 23 (Cozi TV)
    VirginiaNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News CTV Advertising725580WAVY-TV 10WTKR 3WVEC 13WVBT 43WGNT 27WTVZ-TV 33WPXV-TV 49WHRO-TV 15 WUND-TV 2WSKY-TV 4
    North CarolinaGreensboro High Point Winston-Salem CTV Advertising717110WXII-TV 12WFMY-TV 2WXLV-TV 45WGHP 8WCWG 20WMYV 48WGPX-TV 16WUNL-TV 26
    New MexicoAlbuquerque-Santa Fe CTV Advertising716800KOB 4/KOBF 12/KOBR 8KRQE 13/KBIM-TV 10/KREZ-TV 6KOAT-TV 7KRQE-DT2 13.2/KBIM-DT2 10.2/KREZ-DT2 6.2KWBQ 19/KRWB-TV 21KASY 50KWBQ 19.4KTEL-CD 15
    KASA-TV 2
    KNMD-TV 9
    K38IM (3ABN)
    KNAT-TV 23 (TBN)
    KTFQ-TV 41 (UniMás)
    KTVS-LD 36 (Light TV)
    KYNM-CD 21 (Antenna TV)
    KentuckyLouisville CTV Advertising696070WAVE 3WLKY 32WHAS-TV 11WDRB 41WBKI 58WBKI 58.3WDRB 41.3WKPC-TV 15
    WKMJ-TV 68
    LouisianaNew Orleans CTV Advertising663520WDSU 6WWL-TV 4WGNO 26WVUE-DT 8WNOL-TV 38WUPL 54WPXL 49KGLA-TV 42WYES-TV 12WHNO 20 (CTN)
    TennesseeMemphis CTV Advertising619610WMC-TV 5WREG-TV 3WATN-TV 24WHBQ-TV 13WLMT 30 (The CW is the primary affiliate)WLMT 30 (MyNetworkTV is the secondary affiliate)WPXX-TV 50WKNO 10WBUY-TV 40 (TBN)
    W15EA-D (3ABN)
    WQEK-LD 36 (Cozi TV)
    Rhode IslandProvidence-New Bedford CTV Advertising619140WJAR 10WPRI-TV 12WLNE-TV 6WNAC-TV 64WNAC-DT2 64.2WPRI-TV 12.2WPXQ-TV 69WRIW-CD 51/WYCN-LD 8WSBE-TV 36WLWC 28 (Court TV)
    New YorkBuffalo CTV Advertising612780WGRZ 2WIVB-TV 4WKBW-TV 7WUTV 29WNLO 23WNYO-TV 49WPXJ-TV 51WNED-TV 17WBBZ-TV 67
    FloridaFort Myers-Naples CTV Advertising608640WBBH-TV 20WINK-TV 11WZVN-TV 26WFTX-TV 36WXCW 46WINK-TV 11.2WFTX-TV 36.5WWDT-CD 43WUVF-LD 2WGCU 30
    CaliforniaFresno-Visalia CTV Advertising607200KSEE 24KGPE 47KFSN-TV 30KMPH-TV 26KFRE-TV 59KMSG-LD 53KAIL 7.4KNSO 51KFTV-DT 21KVPT 18KAIL 7 (TCT)
    KNSO 51.3 (Cozi TV)
    VirginiaRichmond-Petersburg CTV Advertising585030WWBT 12WTVR-TV 6WRIC-TV 8WRLH-TV 35WUPV 65WRLH-TV 35.2WTVR-TV 6.5
    WRIC-TV 8.2
    WZTD-LD 45WCVE-TV 23
    WCVW 57
    AlabamaMobile-Pensacola (Fort Walton Beach) CTV Advertising584290WPMI-TV 15WKRG-TV 5WEAR-TV 3WALA-TV 10WFNA 55WFGX 35WKRG-TV 5.2WEIQ 42
    WSRE 23
    WJTC 44
    PennsylvaniaWilkes-Barre–Scranton–Hazleton CTV Advertising571470WBRE-TV 28WYOU 22WNEP-TV 16WOLF-TV 56WSWB 38WQMY 53WQPX-TV 64WVIA-TV 44WYLN-CD 35
    ArkansasLittle Rock-Pine Bluff CTV Advertising562060KARK-TV 4KTHV 11KATV 7KLRT-TV 16KASN 38KARZ-TV 42KQPS-LD 14KLRA-CD 20KETS 2
    New YorkAlbany-Schenectady-Troy CTV Advertising556730WNYT 13WRGB 6WTEN 10WXXA 23WCWN 45WNYA 51WYPX-TV 55WMHT-TV 17
    OklahomaTulsa CTV Advertising552980KJRH-TV 2KOTV-DT 6KTUL 8KOKI-TV 23KQCW-DT 19KMYT-TV 41KTPX-TV 44KUTU-CD 25.2KUTU-CD 25KOED-TV 11KWHB 47 (Family)
    KDOR-TV 17 (TBN)
    K40KC-D (3ABN)
    TennesseeKnoxville CTV Advertising535230WBIR-TV 10WVLT-TV 8WATE-TV 6WTNZ 43WBXX-TV 20WVLT-TV 8.2WPXK-TV 54WKOP-TV 15WKNX-TV 7W14CX-D (3ABN)
    KentuckyLexington CTV Advertising499880WLEX-TV 18WKYT-TV 27
    WYMT-TV 57
    WKSO 29
    WKHA 35
    WKMR 38
    WKON 52
    WBON-LD 9WLJC-TV 65 (Cozi TV)
    ArizonaTucson (Sierra Vista) CTV Advertising479780KVOA 4KOLD-TV 13KGUN-TV 9KMSB 11KWBA-TV 58KTTU 18KOLD-TV 13.4
    Scripps KGUN-TV 9.5
    NBCU KHRR 40Univision KUVE-DT 46/KUVE-CD 42KUAT-TV 6
    KUAS-TV 27
    Univision KFTU-DT 3/KFTU-CD 34 (UniMás)
    OhioDayton CTV Advertising476790WDTN 2WHIO-TV 7WKEF 22WKEF 22.2WBDT 26WKEF 22.3Nexstar WDTN 2.3 Scripps WKOI-TV 43WPTD 16WKEF 22.3 (Stadium) WRGT-TV 45 (Dabl)
    WashingtonSpokane CTV Advertising470210KHQ-TV 6KLEW-TV 3
    KREM 2
    KHBA-LD 35 (Hope Channel)
    HawaiiHonolulu CTV Advertising464090KHNL 13/KHBC 2/KOGG 13KGMB 5/KOGG 13.2KITV 4/KHVO 13/KMAU 12KHON-TV 2/ KHAW 11/KAII 7KHON-DT2 2.2/KHAW-DT2 11.2/KAII-DT2 7.2KHII-TV 9/KGMD 9/KGMV 3KPXO-TV 66KFVE 6KHET 11KWHE 14 (Family)
    KAAH 26 (TBN)
    KIKU 20 (ShopHQ)
    IowaDes Moines-Ames CTV Advertising457040WHO-DT 13KCCI 8WOI-DT 5KDSM-TV 17KCWI-TV 23KCCI 8.3KFPX-TV 39KDIN-TV 11
    WisconsinGreen Bay-Appleton CTV Advertising455560WGBA-TV 26/WLWK-CD 22WFRV-TV 5WBAY-TV 2WLUK-TV 11WCWF 14WACY-TV 32WGBA-DT5 26.5/WGBA-DT2|WLWK-CD5 22.5WPNE-TV 38W30BU (3ABN) WBAY-DT6 2.6 (Decades)
    KansasWichita-Hutchinson CTV Advertising447710KSNW 3
    KSNC 2
    KSNG 11
    KSNK 8
    KSNL-LD 6
    KWCH-DT 12
    KBSD-DT 6
    KBSH-DT 7
    KBSL-DT 10
    VirginiaRoanoke-Lynchburg CTV Advertising446270WSLS-TV 10WDBJ 7WSET-TV 13WFXR 27WWCW 21WZBJ 24/WZBJ-CD 43WPXR-TV 38WBRA-TV 15
    NebraskaOmaha CTV Advertising439530WOWT 6KMTV-TV 3KETV 7KPTM 42KPTM 42.3KPTM 42.2WOWT-DT4 6.4KOHA-LD 27KYNE-TV 26
    KBIN-TV 32
    KXVO 15 (TBD)
    MichiganFlint-Saginaw-Bay City CTV Advertising439380WEYI-TV 25WNEM-TV 5WJRT-TV 12WSMH 66WBSF 46WNEM-TV 5.2WNEM-TV 5.4WDCQ-TV 19
    WCMU-TV 14
    WAQP 49 (TCT)
    W24DL-D 42 (3ABN)
    MissouriSpringfield, MO CTV Advertising432370KYTV 3KOLR 10KSPR-LD 33/KYTV-DT 33.1KRBK 49KYCW-LD 24/KSPR-LD 33.2/KYTV-DT 24.1KOZL-TV 27KRBK-DT4 49.4KOZK 21K17DL-D (Tourist information)
    West VirginiaCharleston-Huntington CTV Advertising426980WSAZ-TV 3WOWK-TV 13WCHS-TV 8WCHS-DT2 8.2WQCW 30WSAZ-TV 3.2WLPX-TV 29WVPB-TV 33
    South CarolinaColumbia, SC CTV Advertising421760WIS 10WLTX 19WOLO-TV 25WACH 57WIS-DT 10.2WKTC 63WZRB 47WKTC-DT 63.2WRLK-TV 35
    New YorkRochester, NY CTV Advertising412190WHEC-TV 10WROC-TV 8WHAM-TV 13WUHF 31WHAM-DT2 13.2WBGT-CD 46WPXJ-TV 51WXXI-TV 21
    MainePortland-Auburn CTV Advertising409560WCSH 6WGME-TV 13WMTW 8WPFO 23WPXT 51WPXT 51.3WIPL 35WCBB 10
    WMEA-TV 26
    WFYW-LP 41 (3ABN)
    AlabamaHuntsville-Decatur (Florence) CTV Advertising409200WAFF 48WHNT-TV 19WAAY-TV 31WZDX 54WHDF 15WZDX 54.2WAAY-TV 31.2WHIQ 25WTZT-CD 11 (Cozi TV)
    W34EY-D 38 (3ABN)
    OhioToledo CTV Advertising408590WNWO-TV 24WTOL 11WTVG 13WUPW 36WTVG-DT2 13.2WMNT-CD 48WTVG-DT5 13.5WGTE-TV 30
    WBGU-TV 27
    WisconsinMadison CTV Advertising408570WMTV 15WISC-TV 3WKOW 27WMSN-TV 47WMTV-DT2 15.2WISC-TV 3.2WIFS 57.9WHA-TV 21
    ColoradoColorado Springs-Pueblo CTV Advertising386620KOAA-TV 5KKTV 11KRDO-TV 13KXRM-TV 21KXTU-LD 57/KXRM-DT2 21.2KKTV-DT2 11.2KXRM-TV 21.3KTLO-LD 49KVSN-DT 48KTSC 8KZCS-LP 23 (Azteca)
    KWHS-LD 51 (CTN)
    TexasWaco-Temple-Bryan CTV Advertising383820KAGS-LD 23
    KCEN-TV 6
    KBTX-TV 3
    KWTX-TV 10
    KentuckyPaducah Cape Girardeau Harrisburg CTV Advertising382300WPSD-TV 6KFVS-TV 12WSIL-TV 3/KPOB-TV 15KBSI 23WQWQ-LD 9/KFVS-DT2 12.2WDKA 49WKPD 29
    WSIU-TV 8/WUSI-TV 16
    W15BU-D (3ABN)
    TexasHarlingen-Weslaco Brownsville-McAllen CTV Advertising380530KVEO-TV 23KVEO-TV 23.2KRGV-TV 5KFXV 60/KMBH-LD 67/KXFX-CD 20KCWT-CD 21KGBT-TV 4 (Antenna TV is the primary affiliate)KNVO-DT4 48.4KTLM 40KNVO 48KCWT-CD4 21.4KTFV-CD 32 (UniMás)
    LouisianaShreveport CTV Advertising375420KTAL-TV 6KSLA 12KTBS-TV 3KMSS-TV 33KPXJ 21KSHV-TV 45KSHV-TV 45.3KLTS-TV 24K42FE-D (3ABN)
    New YorkSyracuse CTV Advertising373320WSTM-TV 3WTVH 5WSYR-TV 9WSYT 68WSTM-DT2 3.2WSYT-DT3 43WSPX-TV 56WCNY-TV 24
    TennesseeChattanooga CTV Advertising373120WRCB 3WDEF-TV 12WTVC 9WTVC-DT2 9.2WFLI-TV 53WFLI-TV 53.2WTCI 45WDSI-TV 61 (This TV)
    WELF-TV 23 (TBN)
    W18DS-D (3ABN)
    WCNT-LP 36 (3ABN)
    W21BZ (3ABN)
    South CarolinaCharleston, SC CTV Advertising369800WCBD-TV 2WCSC-TV 5WCIV-DT2 36.2WTAT-TV 24WCBD-DT2 2.2WCIV 36WCBD-TV 2.3WITV 7
    IllinoisChampaign-Springfield-Decatur CTV Advertising365240WAND 17WCIA 3WICD 15/WICS 20WCCU 27/WRSP-TV 55WBUI 23WCIX 49WAND 17.3WILL-TV 12
    WSEC 14
    W07DD-D (3ABN)
    GeorgiaSavannah CTV Advertising364630WSAV-TV 3WTOC-TV 11WJCL 22WTGS 28WSAV-DT2 3.2WSAV-TV 3.2WVAN-TV 9
    WJWJ-TV 16
    IowaCedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City-Dubuque CTV Advertising357480KWWL 7KGAN 2KCRG-TV 9KGAN 2.2KCRG-TV 9.3KCRG-TV 9.2KPXR-TV 48KRIN 32
    TexasEl Paso (Las Cruces) CTV Advertising343530KTSM-TV 9KDBC-TV 4KVIA-TV 7KFOX-TV 14KVIA-DT2 7.2KDBC-TV 4.2KVIA-TV 7.3KTDO 48KINT-TV 26KCOS 13
    LouisianaBaton Rouge CTV Advertising335670WVLA-TV 33WAFB 9WBRZ-TV 2WGMB-TV 44WBRL-CD 21/WGMB-DT2 44.2WBXH-CD 39WVLA-TV 33.3WLPB-TV 27KZUP-CD 19
    ArkansasFort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers CTV Advertising327930KNWA-TV 51KFSM-TV 5KHBS 40/KHOG-TV 29KFTA-TV 24KHBS-DT2 40.2/KHOG-DT2 29.2KXNW 34KAJL-LD 16KWNL-CD 31
    KQRY-LD 36
    KAFT 13
    VermontBurlington-Plattsburgh CTV Advertising326000WPTZ 5WCAX-TV 3WVNY 22WFFF-TV 44WNNE 31WYCI 40WCAX-TV 3.5WETK 33/WVTB 20/WVER 28/WVTA 41
    WCFE-TV 57
    MississippiJackson, MS CTV Advertising323800WLBT 3WJTV 12WAPT 16WDBD 40WJTV-DT2 12.2WLOO 35WJTV 12.3WMPN-TV 29WRBJ-TV 34 (TBN)
    W26BB (3ABN)
    IndianaSouth Bend-Elkhart CTV Advertising320050WNDU-TV 16WSBT-TV 22WBND-LD 57WSBT-DT2 22.2WCWW-LD 25WMYS-LD 69WHME-TV 46.2WMYS-LD 69.2WNIT 34WHME-TV 46 (Family)
    WYGN-LD 10 (3ABN)
    WBND-LD 57.2 (MeTV)
    South CarolinaMyrtle Beach-Florence CTV Advertising314030WMBF-TV 32WBTW 13WPDE-TV 15WFXB 43WPDE-TV 15.2WBTW 13.2WJPM-TV 33WWMB 21 (Dabl)
    TennesseeTri-Cities, TN-VA CTV Advertising312560WCYB-TV 5WJHL-TV 11WJHL-DT2 11.2WEMT 39WCYB-DT2 5.2WLFG 68.3WETP-TV 2
    IdahoBoise CTV Advertising311270KTVB 7KBOI-TV 2KIVI-TV 6KNIN-TV 9KYUU-LD 35/KBOI-DT2 2.2KTRV-TV 12KKJB 39KAID 4K31FD-D (3ABN)
    North CarolinaGreenville-New Bern-Washington CTV Advertising308190WITN-TV 7WNCT-TV 9WCTI-TV 12WYDO 14WNCT-DT2 9.2WITN-TV 7.2WEPX-TV 38WUNK-TV 25
    IowaDavenport-Rock Island-Moline CTV Advertising298580KWQC-TV 6WHBF-TV 4WQAD-TV 8KLJB 18KGCW 26WQAD-TV 8.3KWQC-TV 6.2KQIN 36
    WQPT 24
    WMWC-TV 53 (TBN)
    K20KF-D 16 (3ABN)
    NevadaReno CTV Advertising293750KRNV-DT 4KTVN 2KOLO-TV 8KRXI-TV 11KOLO-DT3 8.3KNSN-TV 21KTVN 2.3KREN-TV 27KNPB 5
    NebraskaLincoln-Hastings-Kearney CTV Advertising287510KSNB-TV 4
    KSNK 8
    KLKN 8
    K26JQ-D (3ABN)
    IndianaEvansville CTV Advertising285880WFIE 14WEVV-TV 44WEHT 25WEEV-LD 47/WEVV-DT2 44.2WTVW 7WEEV-LD 47/WEVV-DT2 44.2WYYW-CD 15WNIN 9W23BV-D (3ABN)
    WTSN-CD 20 (H&I)
    WEIN-LD 40 (Cozi TV)
    PennsylvaniaJohnstown-Altoona-State College CTV Advertising282430WJAC-TV 6WTAJ-TV 10WATM-TV 23WWCP-TV 8WJAC-DT 6.4WPSU-TV 3
    FloridaTallahassee-Thomasville CTV Advertising281680WTWC-TV 40WCTV 6WTXL-TV 27WTWC-DT2 40.2WTLF 24WFXU 57WFSU-TV 11WTLH 49 (Heroes & Icons)
    South DakotaSioux Falls (Mitchell) CTV Advertising277210KDLT-TV 46/KDLV-TV 5KELO-TV 11/KDLO-TV 3/KPLO-TV 6KSFY-TV 13/KPRY-TV 4KDLT-DT2 46.2/KDLV-DT2 5.2KSFY-DT2 13.2/KPRY-DT2 4.2KELO-TV 11.2/KDLO-TV 3.2/KPLO-TV 6.2KELO-TV 11.3KCSD-TV 23
    TexasTyler-Longview (Lufkin-Nacogdoches) CTV Advertising276520KETK-TV 56KYTX 19KLTV 7KFXK-TV 51/KFXL-LD 51KYTX-DT2 19.2KTPN-LD 48/KLPN-LD 47KLTV 7.3K25LG-D (3ABN)
    KLGV-LD 36 (TBN)
    KDKJ-LD 27 (Estrella TV)
    IndianaFort Wayne CTV Advertising273680WPTA-DT2 21.2WANE-TV 15WPTA 21WFFT-TV 55WISE-TV 33WPTA-DT3 21.3WANE-TV 15.2WFWA 39WFWC-CD 45 (Cozi TV)
    W26DH-D 73 (3ABN)
    GeorgiaAugusta-Aiken CTV Advertising271640WAGT-CD 26WRDW-TV 12WJBF 6WFXG 54WAGT-CD2 26.2WRDW-TV 12.2WJBF 6.3WCES-TV 20
    WEBA-TV 14
    OregonEugene CTV Advertising263100KMTR 16/KMCB 23/KTCW 46KVAL-TV 13/KCBY-TV 11/KPIC 4KEZI 9KLSR-TV 34KMTR-DT2 16.2/KMCB-DT2 23.2/KTCW-DT2 46.2KEVU-CD 23K14LP-D 14KEPB-TV 28
    North DakotaFargo CTV Advertising262440KXJB-LD 30/KVLY-DT2 11.2WDAY-TV 6
    WDAZ-TV 8
    MichiganLansing CTV Advertising262310WILX-TV 10WLNS-TV 6WLAJ 53WSYM-TV 47WLAJ-DT2 53.2WSYM-TV 47.4WILX-TV 10.4
    WZPX-TV 43
    WKAR-TV 23
    MassachusettsSpringfield-Holyoke CTV Advertising257110WWLP 22/WFXQ-CD 22WSHM-LD 3.5WGGB-TV 40WGGB-DT2 40.2WWLP-DT2 22.2/WFXQ-CD2 22.2WWLP-DT2 22.2/WFXQ-CD2 22.2WWLP 22.3/WFXQ-CD 22.3WDMR-LD 50WGBY-TV 57
    WashingtonYakima-Pasco Richland-ennewick CTV Advertising256130KNDO 23
    KNDU 25
    KEPR-TV 19
    KIMA-TV 29
    KAPP 35
    KVEW 42
    KCYU-LD 41
    KFFX-TV 11
    KTNW 31
    MichiganTraverse City-Cadillac CTV Advertising253730WPBN-TV 7/WTOM-TV 4WWTV 9/WWUP-TV 10WGTU 29/WGTQ 8WFQX-TV 32/WFUP 45WFQX-DT2 32.2WXII-LD 12WFQX-TV 32.3WCMV-TV 27W28DY-D (3ABN)
    OhioYoungstown CTV Advertising249300WFMJ-TV 21WKBN-TV 27WYTV 33WYFX-LD 19/WKBN-DT2 27.2WFMJ-DT2 21.2WYTV 33.2WYFX-LD 19.3WNEO 45
    GeorgiaMacon CTV Advertising243340WMGT-TV 41WMAZ-TV 13WGXA-DT2 24.2WGXA 24WMAZ-DT2 13.2WMGT-TV 41.2WMUM-TV 29WPGA-TV 58W36ED-D (3ABN)
    CaliforniaSanta Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo CTV Advertising242220KSBY 6KEYT-DT2 3.2KEYT-TV 3KKFX-CD 24/KCOY-DT 12.2KSBY-DT2 6.2KEYT-DT3 3.3KTAS 33KPMR 38KBAB-LD 50KCOY-TV 12 (Dabl)
    LouisianaLafayette, LA CTV Advertising237720KLAF-LD 46/KADN-DT 15.2KLFY-TV 10KATC 3KADN-TV 15KATC-DT2 3.2KADN-TV 15.3KLFY-TV 10.3KLPB-TV 24KLWB 50 (MeTV)
    IllinoisPeoria-Bloomington CTV Advertising235550WEEK-TV 25WMBD-TV 31WEEK-DT2 25.2WYZZ-TV 43WEEK-DT3 25.3WAOE 59WEEK-TV 25.4WTVP 47
    CaliforniaMonterey-Salinas CTV Advertising234150KSBW 8KION-TV 46KSBW-DT2 8.2KCBA 35KION-DT2 46.2KOTR-LD 11.1KMUV-LD 23KSMS-TV 67KQET 25KDJT-CD 33 (UniMás)
    KLFB-LD 22 (3ABN)
    KMBY-LD 19 (H&I)
    KYMB-LD 27 (MeTV)
    CaliforniaBakersfield CTV Advertising232010KGET-TV 17KBAK-TV 29KERO-TV 23KBFX-CD 58/KBAK-DT 58.2KGET-DT2 17.2KNXT-LD 53KKEY-LP 13KABE-CD 39K18HD 18KUVI-DT 45 (True Crime)
    KBTF-CD 31 (UniMás)
    KZKC-LD 28 (Azteca)
    KTLD-CD 8 (3ABN)
    K24GS (3ABN)
    KCBT-LD 34 (Estrella TV)
    AlabamaMontgomery-Selma CTV Advertising228760WSFA 12WAKA 8WNCF 32WCOV-TV 20WBMM 22WDSF-LD 19WAKA 8.3WAIQ 26
    GeorgiaColumbus, GA CTV Advertising221700WLTZ 38WRBL 3WTVM 9WXTX 54WLTZ-DT2 38.2WLTZ 38.3WRBL 3.3WJSP-TV 28
    North CarolinaWilmington CTV Advertising219160WECT 6WWAY-DT2 3.2WWAY 3WSFX-TV 26WWAY-DT3 3.3WUNJ-TV 39
    WisconsinLa Crosse-Eau Claire CTV Advertising217880WEAU 13WKBT-DT 8WQOW 18
    WXOW 19
    WLAX 25/
    WEUX 48
    WQOW-DT2 18.2
    WXOW-DT2 19.2
    WKBT-DT 8.2WKBT-DT 8.3WHLA-TV 31
    TexasCorpus Christi CTV Advertising210160KRIS-TV 6KZTV 10KIII 3KSCC 38KRIS-DT2 6.2KSCC 38.3K47DF-DKORO 28KEDT 16K22JA-D 47
    TexasAmarillo CTV Advertising190340KAMR-TV 4KFDA-TV 10KVII-TV 7/KVIH-TV 12KCIT 14KVII-DT2 7.2/KVIH-DT2 12.2KCPN-LD 33KEYU 31.3KEYU 31KACV-TV 2KLKW-LD 22 (Estrella TV)
    K17HI-D (3ABN)
    CaliforniaChico-Redding CTV Advertising189580KNVN 24KHSL-TV 12KRCR-TV 7KCVU 20KHSL-DT2 12.2KRVU-LD 21/
    KZVU-LD 22
    KHSL-TV 12.5KNVN 24.2KUCO-LD 27KIXE-TV 9KKTF-LD 30 (UniMás)
    KXVU-LD 17 (Antenna TV)
    K15HV-D (3ABN)
    MississippiColumbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston CTV Advertising184570WTVA 9WCBI-TV 4WTVA-DT2 9.2WLOV 27WCBI-DT3 4.3WCBI-DT2 4.2WMAB-TV 2
    OregonMedford-Klamath Falls CTV Advertising182510KOBI 5/KOTI 2KTVL 10KDRV 12/KDKF 31KMVU-DT 26KTVL-DT2 10.2KFBI-LD 48KMVU-DT 26.3KFBI-LD 48.2KSYS 8KMCW-LD 14 (Sonlife)
    MissouriColumbia-Jefferson City CTV Advertising181120KOMU-TV 8KRCG 13KMIZ 17KQFX-LD 22/KMIZ-DT4 17.4KOMU-DT3 8.3KMIZ 17.3KMOS-TV 6
    WisconsinWausau-Rhinelander CTV Advertising180920WJFW-TV 12WSAW-TV 7WAOW 9/WYOW 34/WMOW 4.2WZAW-LD 33/WSAW-DT3 7.3WMOW 4/WAOW-DT2 9.2/WYOW-DT 34.2WSAW-TV 7.2WTPX-TV 46WHRM-TV 20
    MarylandSalisbury CTV Advertising174080WRDE-LD 31WBOC-TV 16WMDT 47/WEVD-LD 47WBOC-DT2 21.2WMDT-DT2 47.2WRDE-LD 31.2WMDT 47.4WBOC-LD 42WCPB 28WGDV-LD 32 (Azteca América)
    TexasOdessa-Midland CTV Advertising173210KWES-TV 9KOSA-TV 7KMID 2KPEJ-TV 24KCWO-TV 4/KOSA-DT 7.2KTLE-LD 7.6KOSA-TV 7.4KTLE-LD 7.5KUPB 18KPBT-TV 36
    IllinoisRockford CTV Advertising172720WREX 13WIFR-LD 23 /WREX 23.10WTVO 17WQRF-TV 39WREX-DT2 13.2WTVO 17.2WIFR-LD 23.4WFBN-LD 33
    MinnesotaDuluth-Superior, WI CTV Advertising171400KBJR-TV 6/KRII 11KBJR-DT2 6.2/KRII-DT2 11.2WDIO-DT 10/WIRT-DT 13KQDS-TV 21KDLH 3KBJR-TV 6.3/KRII 11.3WDIO-DT 10.3/WIRT-DT 13.3WDSE 8K48NP-D (3ABN)
    K38MM-D (3ABN)
    North DakotaMinot-Bismarck Dickinson (Williston) CTV Advertising171030KFYR-TV 5
    KMOT 10
    KQCD-TV 7
    KUMV-TV 8
    KXMB-TV 12
    KXMC-TV 13
    KXMD-TV 11
    KBMY 17/KMCY 14KFYR-DT2 5.2
    KMOT-DT2 10.2
    KQCD-DT2 7.2
    KUMV-DT2 8.2
    KXMA-TV 2KBMY 17.3/KMCY 14.3KBME-TV 3
    KansasTopeka CTV Advertising170640KSNT 27WIBW-TV 13KTKA-TV 49KTMJ-CD 43/KSNT-DT2 27.2KTKA-DT3 49.3WIBW-TV 13.2KSNT 27.3KTWU 11
    LouisianaMonroe-El Dorado CTV Advertising169140KTVE 10KNOE-TV 8KNOE-DT2 8.2KARD 14KCWL-LD 40/KNOE-DT3 8.3 (The CW is the primary affiliate)KCWL-LD 40/KNOE-DT3 8.3 (MyNetworkTV is the secondary affiliate)KMCT-TV 39.2KLTM-TV 13
    KETZ 12
    TexasBeaumont-Port Arthur CTV Advertising168210KBMT-DT2 12.2KFDM 6KBMT 12KFDM-DT3 6.3KFDM-DT2 6.2KBMT-LD 64
    TexasLubbock CTV Advertising167660KCBD 11KLBK-TV 13KAMC 28KJTV-TV 34KLCW-TV 22KMYL-LD 14KJTV-TV 34.3KXTQ-CD 46KBZO-LD 51KTTZ-TV 5KJTV-CD 32KLBB-LD 48 (MeTV)
    KABI-LD 42 (Heroes & Icons)
    KNKC-LD 29 (Estrella TV)
    CaliforniaPalm Springs CTV Advertising167650KMIR-TV 36KPSP-CD 38/KESQ-DT2 42.2KESQ-TV 42KDFX-CD 33/KESQ-DT4 42.4KCWQ-LD 2/KESQ-DT8 42.8KPSE-LD 50KUNA-LD 15KVER-CD 41KODG-LD 17KRET-CD 45 (H&I)
    K21DO-D (3ABN)
    AlaskaAnchorage CTV Advertising158570KTUU-TV 2KAUU 5KYUR 13KTBY 4KYUR-DT2 13.2KAUU-DT4 5.4KDMD 33KDMD 33.2KAKM 7
    IowaSioux City CTV Advertising155090KTIV 4KPTH 44.3KCAU-TV 9KPTH 44KTIV-DT2 4.2KPTH 44.2KBWF-LD 15.2KSIN-TV 27
    TexasWichita Falls-Lawton CTV Advertising153870KFDX-TV 3KAUZ-TV 6KSWO-TV 7KJTL 18KAUZ-DT2 6.2KJBO-LD 35KAUZ-TV 6.3KSWO-TV 7.2K26NK-D 13
    K36AB 36
    MinnesotaRochester-Mason City-Austin CTV Advertising149660KTTC 10KIMT 3KAAL 6KXLT-TV 47KTTC-DT2 10.2KIMT 3.2KIMT 3.3KSMQ-TV 15
    KYIN 24
    K25NK-D (3ABN)
    W39DD-D (3ABN)
    K43JE-D (3ABN)
    K48KJ-D (3ABN)
    PennsylvaniaErie CTV Advertising148830WICU-TV 12WSEE-TV 35WJET-TV 24WFXP 66WSEE-DT2 35.2WICU-TV 12.3WQLN 54
    MissouriJoplin-Pittsburg CTV Advertising146870KSNF 16KOAM-TV 7KODE-TV 12KFJX 14KFJX-DT2 14.2KPJO-LD 49KODE-TV 12.4KOZJ 26
    FloridaPanama City CTV Advertising145260WJHG-TV 7WECP-LD 18/
    WJHG-DT3 7.3
    WMBB 13WPGX 28WJHG-DT2 7.2WECP-LD 18.2WFSG 56
    GeorgiaAlbany, GA CTV Advertising142860WALB 10WSWG 44WALB-DT2 10.2WFXL 31WGCW-LD 36/WALB-DT4 10.4WSST 55/WSWG 44.3WABW-TV 14
    MaineBangor CTV Advertising141120WLBZ-TV 2/WGCI-LD 2WABI-TV 5WVII-TV 7WFVX-LD 22/WVII-DT2 7.2WABI-DT2 5.2WFVX-LD 22/WVII-DT2 7.2WLBZ 2.3WMEB-TV 12
    IndianaTerre Haute CTV Advertising137190WTWO 2WTHI-TV 10WAWV-TV 38WTHI-DT2 10.2WTHI-DT3 10.3WTHI-DT2 10.2WTHI-TV 10.3WVUT 22
    MississippiBiloxi-Gulfport CTV Advertising137020WXXV-DT2 25.2WLOX-DT2 13.2WLOX 13WXXV-TV 25WXXV-DT3 25.3WXXV-TV 25WMAH-TV 19
    IdahoIdaho Falls-Pocatello (Jackson) CTV Advertising136150KPVI-DT 6KIFI-DT2 8.2KIFI-TV 8KXPI-LD 24/KIDK-DT2 3.2KIFI-DT3 8.3KXPI-LD 24/
    KIDK-DT2 3.2
    KIFI-DT3 8.3KISU 10KVUI 31 (MeTV)
    KIDK 3 (Dabl)
    TexasSherman-Ada CTV Advertising135390KTEN 10KXII 12/KXIP-LD 12KTEN-DT3 10.3KXII-DT3 12.3KTEN-DT2 10.2KXII 12.2/KXIP-LD 12.2/K31LQ-D 31KXII 12.4/KXIP-LD 12.4K36KE 36
    FloridaGainesville CTV Advertising135120WNBW-DT 9WGFL 28WCJB-TV 20WOGX 51WCJB-DT2 20.2WGFL-DT2 28.2WUFT 5WYME-CD 45 (MeTV)
    MontanaMissoula CTV Advertising128570KECI-TV 13/KCFW-TV 9KPAX-TV 8/KAJJ-CD 18KTMF 23/KTMF-LD 42KTMF-DT2 23.2/KTMF-LD2 42.2KPAX-DT2 8.2/KAJJ-CD2 18.2KTMF-DT2 23.2/KTMF-LD2 42.2KPAX-DT2 8.4/KAJJ-CD2 18.4KUFM-TV 11
    New YorkBinghamton CTV Advertising127800WBGH-CD 20/WIVT-DT2 34.2WBNG-TV 12WIVT 34WICZ-TV 40WBNG-DT2 12.2WICZ-DT2 8WICZ-TV 40.3WSKG-TV 46WBNG-DT3 12.3 (MeTV)
    WBNG-DT4 12.4 (Court TV)
    WBNG‐DT5 12.5 (Grit TV)
    WIVT-DT3 34.3 (Laff TV)
    WIVT‐DT4 34.4 (Court TV Mystery)
    West VirginiaWheeling-Steubenville, OH CTV Advertising127010WTOV-TV 9 (Fox on DT2)WTRF-TV 7WTRF-DT3 7.3WTOV-DT2 9.2"WBWO"WTRF-TV 7.2W30CO-D 24
    West VirginiaBluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill CTV Advertising123020WVVA 6 (CW on DT2)WVNS-TV 59WOAY-TV 4WVNS-DT2 59.2WVVA-DT2 6.2WVNS-DT2 59.2WSWP-TV 9
    TexasAbilene-Sweetwater CTV Advertising116310KRBC-TV 9KTAB-TV 32KTXS-TV 12KXVA 15KTXS-DT2 12.2KXVA 15.2KTAB-TV 32.2KTES-LD 40
    ArizonaYuma-El Centro, CA CTV Advertising116250KYMA-DT 11.1KYMA-DT 13KECY-DT2 9.2KECY-TV 9KECY-DT3 9.3KECY-TV 9KYMA-DT 13.4KESE-LD 35KVYE-TV 7K19CX 8K39KW-D (3ABN)
    MontanaBillings CTV Advertising114850KULR-TV 8/KYUS-TV 3KTVQ 2KSVI 6KHMT 4KTVQ-DT2 2.2KBGS-TV 16
    MississippiHattiesburg-Laurel CTV Advertising108610WDAM-TV 7WHLT 22WDAM-DT2 7.2WHPM-LD 23WHLT-DT2 22.2WHPM-LD 23.3WHLT 22.3W45AA-D 17
    South DakotaRapid City CTV Advertising105510KNBN 21KCLO-TV 15KOTA-TV 3/KHSD-TV 11KEVN-LD 7/KHSD-DT 11.2KCLO-DT2 15.2KWBH-LD 27KCLO-TV 15.3KBHE-TV 9
    West VirginiaClarksburg-Weston CTV Advertising103610WBOY-TV 12WDTV 5WBOY-DT2 12.2WVFX 10WVFX-DT2 10.2WNPB-TV 24
    New YorkUtica CTV Advertising102000WKTV 2WKTV-DT2 2.2WUTR 20WFXV 33WKTV-DT3 2.3WPNY-LD 11W22DO-D 24
    AlabamaDothan CTV Advertising100840WRGX-LD 23/WTVY-DT4 4.4WTVY 4WDHN 18WDFX-TV 34WTVY-DT3 4.3WTVY 4.2WDIQ 2
    LouisianaLake Charles CTV Advertising100340KPLC 7KSWL-LD 17/KWWE-LD2 19.2KVHP-DT2 29.2KVHP 29KPLC-DT2 7.2KWWE-LD 19KVHP 29.4KLTL-TV 18
    IllinoisQuincy-Hannibal-Keokuk CTV Advertising99840WGEM-TV 10KHQA-TV 7KHQA-DT2 7.2WGEM-DT3 10.3WGEM-DT2 10.2WQEC 27W18CJ (3ABN)
    TennesseeJackson, TN CTV Advertising97320WNBJ-LD 39WBBJ-DT3 7.3WBBJ-TV 7WJKT 16WNBJ-LD2 39.2WNBJ-LD 39.3WLJT-DT 11
    VirginiaHarrisonburg CTV Advertising97020WSVW-LD 30 / WHSV-DT2 3.2WSVF-CD2 43.2 / WHSV-DT5 3.5WHSV-TV 3WSVF-CD 43WSVW-LD2 30.2WHSV-DT4 3.4WHSV-DT3 3.3WVPT 51
    VirginiaCharlottesville CTV Advertising94530WVIR-TV 29WCAV 19WVAW-LD 16WCAV-DT2 27.1WVIR-DT3 29.3WCAV 19.4WHTJ 41
    New YorkElmira (Corning) CTV Advertising92150WETM-TV 18WENY-DT2 36.2WENY-TV 36WYDC 48WENY-DT3 36.3WJKP-LD 39WENY-TV 36.4WSKA-TV 30W28DO-D (3ABN)
    KentuckyBowling Green CTV Advertising87660WNKY 40WNKY-DT2 40.2WBKO 13WBKO-DT2 13.2WBKO-DT3 13.3WDNZ-LD 11WKYU-TV 24
    WKGB-TV 53
    New YorkWatertown CTV Advertising85670WVNC-LD 45WWNY-TV 7WWTI 50WNYF-CD 28/WWNY-CD 28/WWNY-DT2 7.2WWTI-DT2 50.2WVNC-LD 45.2WPBS-TV 16
    LouisianaAlexandria, LA CTV Advertising85620KALB-TV 5KALB-DT2 5.2KLAX-TV 31WNTZ-TV 48KALB-DT3 5.3WNTZ-TV 48KLAX-TV 31.3KLPA-TV 25KWCE-LP 27 (MeTV)
    ArkansasJonesboro CTV Advertising84400KAIT-DT2 8.2KJNB-LD2 39.2/KJNE-LD2 39.2KAIT 8KJNB-LD 39/KJNE-LD 39KAIT-DT3 8.3KJNB-LD 39.3/KJNE-LD 39.3KTEJ 19
    MichiganMarquette CTV Advertising84030WLUC-TV 6WZMQ 19.2WBUP 10/WBKP-DT 5.2WLUC-DT2 6.2WBKP 5/WBUP-DT 10.2WJMN-TV 3WNMU 13WZMQ 19 (MeTV)
    OregonBend, OR CTV Advertising79710KTVZ 21KBNZ-LD 7KOHD 18KFXO-CD 39/KTVZ-DT3 21.3KTVZ-DT2 21.2KUBN-LD 50KQRE-LP 19KABH-CA 15KOAB-TV 3
    MontanaButte-Bozeman CTV Advertising79650KTVM 6/KDBZ-CD 6KXLF-TV 4/KBZK 7KWYB 18/KWYB-LD 28KWYB-DT2 18.2/KWYB-LD2 28.2KXLF-DT2 4.2/KBZK-DT2 7.2KWYB-DT2 18.2/KWYB-LD2 28.2KUSM 9
    TexasLaredo CTV Advertising77640KGNS-TV 8KYLX-LD 13KGNS-DT2 8.2KXOF-CD 31KYLX-LD2 13.2KXOF-CD 31KGNS-TV 8.3KLDO-TV 27KETF-CD 39 (UniMás)
    ColoradoGrand Junction-Montrose CTV Advertising74740KKCO 11KREX-TV 5/KREY-TV 10KJCT-LP 8KFQX 4KJCT-LP2 8.2KGJT-CD 27KKCO 11.3KRMJ 18
    IndianaLafayette, IN CTV Advertising74690WPBI-LD2 16.2WLFI-TV 18WPBY-LD 35WPBI-LD 16WLFI-DT2 18.2WPBY-LD 35.2WLFI-TV 18.3
    IdahoTwin Falls CTV Advertising69610KTFT-LD 7KMVT 11KSAW-LD 6KSVT-LD 14/KMVT-DT3 11.3KMVT-DT2 11.2KSVT-LD 14/KMVT-DT3 11.3KIPT 13
    OhioLima CTV Advertising67390WLIO 8WAMS-LD 35/WOHL-CD2 35.2WOHL-CD 35/WPNM-LD 35WLIO-DT2 8.2Served by WBDT 26 Springfield/Dayton, WTVG-DT2 13.2 Toledo, and WISE-TV 33 Fort Wayne, INWLIO-DT2 8.2WBGU-TV 27W23DE-D (3ABN)
    MississippiMeridian CTV Advertising64050WGBC-DT2 30.2WMDN 24WTOK-TV 11WGBC 30WTOK-DT3 11.3WTOK-DT2 11.2WMAW-TV 14
    MontanaGreat Falls CTV Advertising64020KTGF-LD 50KRTV 3KFBB-TV 5KFBB-DT2 5.2KRTV-DT2 3.2KFBB-DT2 5.2KRTV 3.4KUGF-TV 21
    CaliforniaEureka CTV Advertising61330KIEM-TV 3KVIQ-LD 14KAEF-TV 23KBVU 28KECA-LD 29KECA-LD 29.2KEUV-LD 31KEET 13K41LQ-D (3ABN)
    K39EO-D (3ABN)
    West VirginiaParkersburg CTV Advertising60750WTAP-TV 15WIYE-LD 26/WTAP-DT2 15.2Served by WCHS 8 Charleston, WSYX 6 Columbus, OH, and WBOY-DT2 12.2 ClarksburgWOVA-LD 22/WTAP-DT3 15.3WOVA-LD2 22.2WIYE-LD 26.2WOUB-TV 20
    WyomingCheyenne-Scottsbluff, NE CTV Advertising60470KCHY-LP 13/KWYM-LP 13
    KNEP 2/KGWN-DT2 5.2
    KGWN-TV 5/KSTF 10KNEP-DT2 4 (satellite of KOTA-TV, Rapid City, SD)
    KKTQ-LD 16/KLWY-DT2 27.2
    KLWY 27KGWN-DT3 5.3/KSTF-DT3 10.3KLWY 27.3KWYP-TV 8
    MississippiGreenwood-Greenville CTV Advertising58830WNBD-LD 33WXVT-LD 17WABG-TV 6WABG-DT2 6.2"Piedmont CW"WFXW 15WMAO-TV 23WHCQ-LD 8 (Antenna TV)
    TexasSan Angelo CTV Advertising58000KSAN-TV 3KLST 8KTXE-LD 12KIDY 6KTXE-LD2 12.2KIDY 6.2KEUS-LD 41KANG-LD 31 (UniMás)
    WyomingCasper-Riverton CTV Advertising55770KCWY-DT 13/KSWY-LP 29KGWC-TV 14/KGWL-TV 5/KGWR-TV 13KTWO-TV 2KFNB 20/KFNE 10/KFNR 11KCWY-DT2 13.2/KSWY-LP2 29.2KWYF-LD 27KPTW 6
    MinnesotaMankato CTV Advertising54290KMNF-LD 7KEYC-TV 12K30FN 5
    (translator of KSTP-TV, St. Paul/Minneapolis)
    KEYC-DT2 12.2KMNF-LD2 7.2K23MF 29
    (translator of WFTC, Minneapolis)/St. Paul
    K26CS 2
    K29IE 2.3
    K43JE-D (3ABN)
    IowaOttumwa-Kirksville CTV Advertising46870KYOU-DT2 15.2KTVO-DT2 3.2KTVO 3KYOU-TV 15KYOU-DT4 15.4K18GU 12
    MissouriSt. Joseph CTV Advertising45070KNPG-LD 21KCJO-LD 30KQTV 2KNPN-LD 26KNPG-LD2 21.2KNPG-LD 21.3KTAJ-TV 16 (TBN)
    AlaskaFairbanks CTV Advertising36800KTVF 11KXDF-CD 13/KTVF-DT3 11.3KATN 2KATN-DT2 2.2KATN-DT3 2.3KFXF-LD 22KUAC-TV 9
    OhioZanesville CTV Advertising33580WHIZ-TV 18Served by
    WBNS 10 Columbus
    WIYE-LD 47 Parkersburg, WV
    Served by
    WSYX 6 Columbus
    Served by
    WTTE 28 Columbus
    WOVA-LD 22 Parkersburg, WV
    "Zanesville CW 13"WOUC 44
    TexasVictoria CTV Advertising33490KMOL-LD 17/KAVU-DT3 25.3KXTS-LD 41/KAVU-DT2 25.2KAVU-TV 25KVCT 19KVCT-DT3 19.3KAVU-TV 25.5KVTX-LD 45KUNU-LD 21
    MontanaHelena CTV Advertising31090KTVH-DT 12KXLH-LD 9KHBB-LD 21KHBB-LD2 21.2KTVH-DT2 12.2KHBB-LD2 21.2KUHM-TV 10
    MainePresque Isle CTV Advertising27140WWPI-LD 16WAGM-TV 8Served by
    WVII 7 Bangor
    WAGM-DT2 8.2WAGM-DT3 8.3WMEM 10
    AlaskaJuneau CTV Advertising26160

    KATH-LD 5


    KUBD 4
    KTNL-TV 13
    MichiganAlpena CTV Advertising16450WBKB-DT2 11.2WBKB-TV 11WBKB-DT3 11.3WBKB-DT4 11.4"Alpena CW"WBKB-DT4 11.4WCML-TV 6
    NebraskaNorth Platte[ha]14630KNOP-TV 2KNPL-LD 10KHGI-CD 27KIIT-CD 11

    KNOP-DT2 2.2
    KIIT-CD2 11.2
    KNPL-LD 10.2KNOP-TV 2.3KPNE-TV 9
    MontanaGlendive CTV Advertising3900KXGN-DT2 5.2KXGN-TV 5Served by
    KSVI 6 Billings
    Served by
    KHMT 4 Hardin/Billings
    Served by
    KBZK-DT2 7.2 Bozeman
    Montana PBS
    American SamoaN/AN/AKVZK-TV 5

    KVZK-TV 8
    KGMB-TV 5 Honolulu, HI

    KVZK-TV 2
    KOMO-TV 4 Seattle, WA
    Served by
    KHON 2 Honolulu, HI
    KVZK-TV 7
    GuamN/AN/AKUAM-TV 8KUAM-DT2 8.2KTGM 14

    KTGM-DT2 14.2
    KEQI-LD 22
    KTKB-LD 26KGTF 12
    Puerto RicoN/AN/A

    WKAQ-DT3 2.3
    (simulcast of WNBC, New York City)

    W32DZ-D 32
    (translator of WSEE-TV, Erie, PA)


    WSJP-LD2 30.2

    W33CY-D 33
    (translator of WSEE-DT2, Erie, PA)

    TV Red
    Puerto Rico
    W34ED-D 34

    TV Red Puerto Rico
    W19DV-D 19

    WKAQ-TV 2
    WTIN-TV 2.11
    WNJX 2.12

    WSUR-TV 9
    WLII-DT 11
    WOLE-DT 12
    WMTJ 40

    WSTE-DT 7
    WJPX 24
    WSJP-LD 18 (Cozi TV)
    TV Red Puerto Rico
    U.S. Virgin IslandsN/AN/AWVGN-LD 19WCVI-TV 23WCVI-DT2 23.2WVXF-DT2 17.2Served by
    WSFL 39 Miami, FL
    WSVI 8WTJX-TV 12WVXF 17 (This TV)

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