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Bench Advertising

Bench Advertising

As a form of street furniture advertising, bench advertising allows businesses to engage with their consumers near bus stops and busy streets in metropolitan cities. Placed street side at eye-level, bench ads are exposed to both pedestrian foot traffic and vehicular traffic. Because of their visibility, bench advertising is an impactful way to promote your brand to local consumers.

Placed at bus stops in urban areas, bench advertising allows you to geographically target your audience. You can choose ad placement to reach a larger target audience based on a number of factors such as bus stop location, bus ridership, foot traffic trends, and vehicular traffic patterns. A brief and visually appealing advertisement can quickly catch the eye of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, and passengers. So even when you choose what placements fit your target audience, you will reach much more than that. A larger audience means a greater opportunity for success.

Unlike digital advertising, bench advertising is a form of street furniture that is stationary. This means that your ad is highly visible 24/7 and can be seen by potential customers day and night. Consumers will routinely pass your bench ad and are more likely to remember it through repeated exposure. Because of this, bench advertisements are highly cost-effective and have great value for your money. Long-term ad presence at low prices can help you generate a high number of impressions at a low CPM.

This type of advertising is the perfect solution for small to medium companies who want to get their brand recognized by the local community. Mixing stationary bench advertising with digital marketing tactics can be a great way to grow your audience and get to know your potential customers.

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