ClickCease LIST: Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Far Rockaway Branch Stations

LIST: Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Far Rockaway Branch Stations

LIST: Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Far Rockaway Branch Stations

Far Rockaway Branch Stations

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West of Locust Manor , most trips go on to terminate at Jamaica , with some trips ending at Atlantic Terminal or Penn Station .
Stations past Far Rockaway were abandoned in 1955, many of them were reopened as subway stations on the IND Rockaway Line in 1956.

Zone Location Station Miles (km) from NYP Date opened Date closed Connections and notes
3 Locust Manor, Queens Locust Manor 12.2 (19.6) 1869 New York City Bus : Q3 , Q85 , QM21
Springfield Gardens, Queens Higbie Avenue 1908 1960
Laurelton, Queens Laurelton 13.1 (21.1) 1907 New York City Bus: Q77 , Q85
Rosedale, Queens Rosedale 14.0 (22.5) 1870 New York City Bus: Q5 , Q85 , X63
4 Valley Stream Valley Stream 16.1 (25.9) 1869 Long Island Rail Road : Long Beach , West Hempstead branches
Nassau Inter-County Express : n1 , Elmont Flexi
Gibson 16.4 (26.4) 1928 Nassau Inter-County Express: n1
Hewlett Hewlett 17.2 (27.7) 1869 Nassau Inter-County Express: n1 , n31 , n32
Originally named Cedar Grove, then Hewletts
Woodmere Woodmere 17.8 (28.6) 1869 Nassau Inter-County Express: n31 , n32
Cedarhurst Cedarhurst 18.8 (30.3) 1869 Nassau Inter-County Express: n31 , n32
Lawrence Lawrence 19.5 (31.4) 1869 Nassau Inter-County Express: n31 , n32
Inwood Inwood 19.9 (32.0) 1905 Nassau Inter-County Express: n31 , n32
Originally named Westville
Far Rockaway, Queens Far Rockaway 20.4 (32.8) 1869 New York City Subway: A (at Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue )
Nassau Inter-County Express: n31 , n32 , n33
MTA Bus : Q22 , Q113 , QM17
Wavecrest 1928 1955 Now Beach 25th Street subway station
South Side Pavilion 1955
Edgemere, Queens Edgemere 1895 1955 Now Beach 36th Street subway station
Frank Avenue 1922 1955 Now Beach 44th Street subway station
Arverne, Queens Straiton Avenue 1892 1955 Originally named Arverne–Straiton Avenue, now Beach 60th Street subway station
Gaston Avenue 1888 1955 Originally named Arverne, then Arverne–Gaston Avenue, now Beach 67th Street subway station
Rockaway Beach, Queens Eldert’s Grove 1872 1887 Replaced by NYW&R -built Hammels station in 1880
Holland’s 1880 1955 Now Beach 90th Street subway station
Sea Side House 1880 1955 Originally named Seaside, now Beach 105th Street subway station
Rockaway Park, Queens Neptune House 1882 1955 Originally named Rockaway Beach, then Rockaway Park, now Rockaway Park–Beach 116th Street subway station
Atlantic Park 1875 c. 1901


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