Downtown skyline of Hartford, Connecticut

The quaint setting that most envision when picturing Connecticut is certainly counter-balanced by the overwhelming amount of traffic that travels through the state on interstates 95, 84, 91 and 395, specifically. Travelers and truckers from the mid Atlantic states and beyond travel to New England and via Connecticut’s arteries. Choice media options have high visibility and are in high demand throughout the State.

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Hartford, CT Outdoor Advertising

Since Hartford is a small city, the availability of outdoor advertising is certainly limited.

However, there are still compelling options:

Billboards & Posters

Lite Rail

Bus Wraps

Stadium Advertising

New Haven, CT Outdoor Advertising

Billboards & Posters

Metro North Rail

Amtrak / Acela

Bus Shelters

Buses – interior cards & exterior wraps

Stamford, CT Outdoor Advertising

Billboards and Posters — facing I-95 as well as those facing the service roads

Metro North Rail Station

Amtrak / Acela

Bus Shelters

Buses – interior cards and exterior wraps

Amtrak Rail
Northeast Corridor

With ultimate destinations in Connecticut to both to New Haven and Hartford, advertising on Amtrak / Acela, your campaign will reach executives and other members of the upper income brackets.

Reach your audience further by doing platform advertising on the Metro North line wherever Amtrak stops!

Grand Central

New Rochelle


New Haven


Continues to Boston

I-84 Corridor
(Danbury to Hartford)


Digital Billboards

Shoreline East Rail Advertising

The Shoreline East is a continuation of the Metro north light rail, which carries passengers from New Haven to New London at a lesser cost than Amtrak.