ClickCease Carrera Cafe Wall Mural Advertising Los Angeles, California

CASE STUDY: Carrera Café Wall Mural Advertising Los Angeles

CASE STUDY: Carrera Café Wall Mural Advertising Los Angeles

Revolving Mural Wall that captures the most trending news and stories is a major attraction that brings people of all walks of life to our doorstep. Local Artists and signature creative content are the driving force behind our incredibly successful mural campaigns.

Carrera Cafe is a charming European style Cafe with delicious and freshly made salads and Italian subs, Fresh Bread, Fine espresso based drinks.

Our Signature Latte Art is a great way to surprise a friend or enhance your daily grind. p.s. Ask for the secret egg sandwich.

Social Media Integration

40,000+ Weekly Impressions


“At Carrera Cafe, we harness the power of social media at every opportunity possible. By providing food and beverage experiences that are not only exceptional but also photo worthy, we take advantage of the phenomenon that social media provides. Exponential views and memorable moments that are shared across the world help drive traffic to our stores and surrounding areas.


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